Live Inspired! 5 Tips to Create a Vision Board

There are three styles of learning: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. For a balanced life, we need a combination and balance of these three.  When setting intentions and harnessing the power of manifestation,  we often stay in our minds, only thinking about what we aspire to for our lives. True manifestation begins here, but in order to make it real, we have to engage more of our senses. We need to: (1) journal about our intentions, (2) pledge them aloud to others and (3) see them with our eyes as often as possible—ideally every day.

Vision boards stoke our visual learning style. They serve to funnel and focus our 60,000 daily thoughts into a clear intention for ourselves.

Here are some basic how-to's in making your own Vision Board.

1. Collect magazines, scissors, glue, poster board, stickers, markers. Expect this all to cost less than $10.00

2. Decide what kind of Vision Board this will be. Here are three key board themes:

  • Past, Present, Future Board: paste pictures of where you've been on the outside rim, next put where you are now, and in the center of the board where you want to go.
  • Single Focus Board: decide on one key area of your life like Career or Relationships and choose pictures that support the vision you have for yourself.
  • I Don't Know Board: go through magazines and simply start choosing anything that is calling to you.  Don't edit, just allow things to happen organically.

3. Sit and meditate on the purpose of your board. Visualize it in the quiet of your mind.

4. Go through magazines and cut out words, pictures, anything that might be a good fit for your theme.

5. Organize, glue, create!

Keep your Vision Board where you can see it everyday, ideally first thing in the morning. Show a friend your board and explain what it means to you. By saying it out loud, you further reinforce the stickiness of your thoughts to keep them from being distracted. Celebrate as you manifest your intentions one by one and make time when necessary to create another board for yourself.

Happy manifesting! Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

image via Lululemon

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