NYC Food Guide: Shops for Healthy Eating

Are you looking to find fresh produce and meats from local farmers? Or perhaps a cleanse is what you're after? Or if you'd just like to do some good ole' fashion grocery shopping, we've got it covered.

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Marlow & Daughters

Photo by Image via Brownstoner

Marlow & Daughters is the newest Williamsburg outpost from Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth (also behind Marlow & Sons, Diner). Marlow & Daughters is a butcher shop that focuses on sustainably produced meat and poultry. They only get local, pastured animals, and they buy the whole animal – not just a cut of meat. Andrew and Mark say, “We know every farm that these are from, we've been to most of the farms, so there's accountability all along…We're basically vouching for the meat.”

Favorites: House Made Sausage, Charcuterie (It’s best to talk with the butcher and see what is recommended)

Marlow & Daughters
95 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6030
(718) 388-5700
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Organic Avenue

Would you like to cleanse your system but don’t want to starve yourself? Denise Mari of Organic Avenue is here to help. Their 5 Day Cleanse program (a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow) is famous because it doesn’t involve starvation, and actually permits eating delicious food. If you’re not ready for a cleanse and you just want to grab some yummy and healthy food to go, everything at Organic Avenue is organic, vegan, and raw. They even deliver.

Favorites: Coconut Mylk, Cacao Smoothie

Organic Avenue
116 Suffolk Street
43 Eighth Avenue
(212) 334-4593

Park Slope Coop

The Park Slope Coop is one of the oldest and largest active food co-ops in the United States. As a Coop member, you’ll have a voice in the organizations decision-making process and you can be as involved as you’d like to be. You’ll find some of the best (and cheapest) organic and local food, like fair-trade chocolate, grass-fed beef, and kosher poultry. How do you join? There’s a $25 non-refundable initiation fee and the co-op requires each of its adult members to contribute 2 hours and 45 minutes of work every four weeks. Even celebrity members like Adrien Grenier have to work (and have been spotted working).

Favorites: Local Produce, Dagoba Chocolate, Grass-Fed Beef.

Park Slope Coop
782 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 622-0560
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Dickson’s Farmstand

Jake Dickson takes his meat seriously. He started out at Blue Hill’s Stone Barns Center where he was their livestock coordinator, and now as the owner and operator of Dickson’s Farmstand, he sources meat directly from famers he knows. Like Marlow & Daughters, he buys whole animals. Dickson offers grass-fed, organic beef that’s always feed-lot free and raised without hormones -- all delicious and local.

Favorites: Bone-in Ribeye, Ground Chuck, Bacon.

Dickson's Farmstand
Chelsea Market
75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 242-2630

The Greenmarket

Want to bring the delicious food that’s served in New York City into your own kitchen? Then head to the Greenmarket. Every great chef in the city is at one of the countless Greemarkets every morning picking up the freshest produce available. Head to the Union Square Greenmarket on a weekday morning and you’ll probably spot Mario Batali.

Favorites: Changes according to season but if you can spot a chef, see what they grab.

NYC Greenmarkets
Numerous locations throughout all boroughs.
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Urban Rustic

Photo by Image via Gothamist

Williamsburg’s Urban Rustic takes the term “locavore” to another level. All its products are sourced from suppliers within a 100-mile radius and there’s an emphasis on educating the store’s consumers about food and where it comes from. (This makes sense, as co-owner Aaron Wolf is the director of the food documentary King Corn – a film made to raise awareness about corn subsidies.) The 2,600 square foot space is part grocery store, part café, and has the feel of a good-old-fashioned general store.

Favorites: Coffee, Saw Teeth Sandwich, Talk to the clerk to find out what’s good!

Urban Rustic
236 North 12th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-9444

Whole Foods Market

Photo by Image via Racked

Whole Foods Market is still one of the best options for finding local, organic, and sustainable foods in New York City. Whether you take advantage of all their produce, grass-fed meats, or packaged organic goods, Whole Foods Market pretty much has shopping covered. At the Bowery location, check out their beer bar which has plenty of organic selections and local brewers – they even have kombucha on tap upstairs.

Favorites: Kombucha on Tap, Beer Room, Produce, Meat selection.

Whole Foods Market
Numerous locations.
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Join A CSA

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a great way to get local and fresh produce delivered to you every week (depending on the program). By joining a CSA, you'll ensure that you receive in-season produce so you won't have to worry about doing your fruit and veggie homework. CSAs are generally inexpensive and easy to join and are all over NYC.

To find a CSA near you check out Local Harvest.

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