Does Your Space Make You Happy?

There are many reasons to design interiors: making efficient use of space, catering to specific needs of residents, creating comfort and sharing individual style.

But, spaces can also carry an emotional impact.

I remember walking into a hotel in Montreal close to the airport. We were flying out to Tunisia the next day and needed a place to crash for the night. Upon entering, my immediate reaction was to turn on all the lights, draw the curtains and open windows. I can’t explain it other than the place felt dark and a little ominous. The colors, the lack of light, the position of the room in the building all contributed to a negative energy. (I actually think the room was haunted, but that’s another story altogether).

There are several factors in design that greatly enhance the positive mood of a space.


How do you feel walking in a flower garden or sitting on a grassy patch? How about a hilly hike or walk on a sandy beach? Being in nature feels good. Inviting natural elements indoors is one way to add a sense of happiness as these are reminders of beauty and freedom. Here’s how:

  • have at least one tall potted plant: it’s amazing what this does to a space
  • treat yourself to fresh flowers: scatter in vases and add pops of color everywhere
  • select floral/tree prints on fabrics, rugs, or wallpaper

*Inspiring words & images

Words can be powerfully positive. They can motivate and be helpful reminders of qualities that induce good energy. This is also true for images. Having a photograph or work of art that inspires you is a wonderful thing to look at on a daily basis. Here’s how:

  • frame your favorite inspirational quote and hang it where you’ll likely see it daily
  • speckle your home with photographs of memories made and people you love
  • art inspires beauty; hang pieces that remind you of something lovely


There’s no doubt that color influences mood. Much research on color psychology has proven this. Certain colors produce feelings of well-being and happiness over others. When selecting wall paint or color palettes for your space, keep this in mind. Want to feel more euphoric in your home? Here’s how.

  • Red is the attention grabber. It inspires energy, movement, and excitement. Used effectively as an accent color or a more subdued hue, it can promote communion and conversation among friends and family.
  • Orange is a color tied most to fun times, happy and energetic days, and warmth. It is also associated with ambition and a new dawn in attitude. Used in mellower shades like apricot or small pops of tangerine are effective.
  • Yellow is cheerful; the color of the sun. It’s linked to feelings of happiness, laughter, and good times. There’s a sense of optimism around yellow, since the brain actually releases more serotonin (feel good chemical in the brain) when around this color. But, select wisely. Intense yellow can flare up tempers and at times, its associated with cowardice. For more conservative spaces, stick to golden hues.
  • Green is the color of growth and nature. It’s calming and pleasing to the senses. Green is the traditional color of peace, harmony, comfortable nurturing, support and well paced energy.
  • Blue, the color of skies and seas, conjures up a calming effect, perfect for bedrooms. Yet, too much blue or the wrong hue can appear cold. Using it as an accent can work as a soothing focal point.

You’ve heard the saying: You are the product of your environment, right? Take a look around your space and be mindful of how to make it more positive. Chances are, this will contribute to a happier state of mind.

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