3 Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Sex God/Goddess

Would you like to unlock the keys to your in

ner sex god or goddess? Here's how:

1. The Eyes... which gaze inward:

The eyes are powerful channels for sexual energy. The eyes help us to become authentic during sex. The windows of your soul, the eyes reveal our deepest self, exposing both our nakedness and our innocence. Your eyes serve as the cameras that capture the present moment, they absorb the entire visual components of you and your partner painting a sensual picture. It is important to put on your “seductive eyes” and keep the eye contact continuous, resisting the urge to look away or shut the eyes. If you feel extremely exposed, good, that is the goal. Keep your gaze intense and present, creating the desire in your partner to mirror the intensity as he or she locks eyes with yours. Get ready to experience a concurrent giving and receiving of energy, as the connection is made and you feel an immediate sexual response within you. This is your opportunity to see and bee seen, embrace the vulnerability.

2. Breath... your life force:

The breath is the life movement that is being circulated between you and your partner. It is important to remember to breath, and to do so deeply and slowly. This act of conscious breathing during intimate moments becomes absolutely divine. The breath is extremely sensual and can be used to excite the erogenous zones of the body. When you get good at maintaining a steady breath you can begin to synchronize your breath with your partner's. The breath is the bridge between mind and body, by extending your life energy outward at the same pace as your partner's, you create a bridge between the both of you. When you master the art of synchronized breathing you begin to effortlessly feel detached from your mind as create an experience that shifts from thinking to pure feeling. Begin by breathing all the way down into your sexual organ, right below the belly. Then breathe into your belly, followed by the chest. When you feel that you and your partner have expanded your physical bodies to their fullest potential with each breathe intake, exhale slowly and expand your energies outward into the universe and feel yourselves become one.

3. Touch... the power of creation:

Touch is one of the most overlooked components to making love. We often times don't realize what an affect it has on our state of mind. Try this exercise: firmly grab your partners arm with a tight and strong grip, then compare that type of touch to a loving one, where you gently run your fingertips over your partner's arm, so delicately that you barely contact his or her skin. When touch becomes more of a caress, and above all a conscious caress, you transform sex into the act of love making. Think about how much energy exists in the hands themselves: they have the potential to build, text, write, move, grab, pull... the list is endless. When we take the energy that gets circulated by our hands out into the world, and use it to make love through the power of touch, we literally transform love making into something tangible and real.

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