6 Simple Steps to Sync Your Cycle

Written by Amy Landry

These days, and predominantly since the invention of electricity, our bodies could be said to be a little backwards.

I have learnt a little about menstruation through some of my yoga training, and not only in regards to how it can affect your practice, but how it can be a tool or a hindrance to the way we live our day-to-day lives.

Most women have, at some point in their adult lives, encountered a problem or concern about their monthly, or sometimes non-existent, cycle.

Before the times of over stimulation from electricity, artificial lighting and technology (such as lap tops and TV), both women and men were much more connected to the rhythm of life.

Just as the moon and ocean tides ebb and flow, our period should move through different phases at a specific time each month.

Symptoms of menstruation, such as bloating, headaches, acne, cramps and cravings, can be signs of an imbalance in the body – us women are by nature meant to take it easy during this time of the month!

If you aren’t exactly sure when it is you’re supposed to have your period, then know that ovulation should occur during the full moon, and bleeding at the new moon. Here are some tips to help you get back into the rhythm of things, and get back to nature

1. Try your best to go to bed soon after sun down, and more importantly awake with the sunrise.

2. Eat food in season – preferably fresh local produce from your area.

3. Gather with your close female friends around the new moon and create a sacred space. Maybe set an intention to sync your cycle together through following these steps.

4. Ditch (for good) stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and TV. Minimize your time online, particularly once the sun has set.

5. Eliminate man made chemicals in your diet (including foods in plastic, or canned food). These can be endocrine disruptors, which will throw your hormonal system out of whack!

6. Whenever it is you are bleeding, allow yourself to rest more – even if only for the first 2 or 3 days. Ask your partner to cook, clean, or whatever. It is only once a month. You deserve it!

As women, let us embrace and be grateful for this natural cleansing cycle. We have the opportunity to eliminate unwanted toxins from the body every month for most of our lives!

Shortly we will be approaching the New Moon. Check in with where you are at in your cycle. Invest in a moon diary each year so you can stay mindful and on track. Try to adopt at least a couple of these practices and be aware of the impact it has on your health and state of wellbeing.

Ladies, allow yourself to restore a little harmony in your life, by simply syncing your cycle…

Feel free to share your experiences below!

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