5 Steps to Awakening Your Beautiful Soul

The greatest gift you can give this world is to be yourself. I truly believe that. Become naked with who you are and offer that to the world - your perfection at your core. It's time for us all to step out from behind the masks we've learned to wear to protect ourselves from being found out.

You are Beautiful.

Share that Beauty.

There is no need for shame. Everybody has a story. An incident. A skeleton in their closet.

1. Accept that the grass is only greener on the other side because it’s growing around the septic tank. Everybody, but everybody, has stuff going on. There’s a wounded child living in everybody. Remember that and speak to yourself and others with that knowledge and compassion.

2. Forgive your need to hide away those very idiosyncrasies that make you unique and invaluable. Hiding once served you. It kept you safe. Today you are an adult and have nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve done your best. And when you know better, you do better.

3. Connect with the courage that you already have to shine out your magnificent light. There’s absolutely no need to ask for courage – it’s already a seed within you. Water it; nurture it; love it – and feel it grow within you. You have courage. You are Courage. Look at how much you have already broken through.

4. Experience your emotions as real and validate their authenticity. Use them as the gateway to your healing rather than denying them the space to be released. Burying your feelings in food or other forms of escapism removes you from reaching Bliss – that state of knowing, accepting and loving who you are. So feel all that you need to in a space that’s safe and know that you are approaching Wholeness.

5. Honor your experiences and tell your story – you have so much to offer the world. Share your experiences and sprinkle magic on the canvas of Life. Your reality is intertwined with so many others’. They need to know your story, your Truth. It’s empowering. It’s meaningful. It’s part of You.

Your Awakening is right here – Yours for the taking. The ingredients lie within you.

Are you ready to step into the light that awaits you? Are you willing to expose your Magnificent Self?

The world needs You.

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