Why Clarity Is the Key to Manifesting Happiness

Many individuals believe that love, success, physical beauty, etc., will bring them happiness and they tell themselves that they want it. Yet many people subconsciously sabotage that desire and remain idle. When it comes to the messages we tell ourselves, ("If I found a partner I would be complete," or "If I got that perfect job then my life would be meaningful," etc.), we pay lip service to it, yet what we are unconsciously telling the universe may be quite the contrary. We have to "know" that we "know" that we "know" what we want, and that must first begin with knowing "who" we are and accepting ourselves on a deep subconscious level. Our plan has to be definite, purposeful, untainted by contradiction. Otherwise we will get back from the universe exactly what we put out there - mixed messages. We have to be willing to look inside ourselves and face this process head on, with no reservations. It isn't easy because most people just don't know where to start.

If your life is not reflecting all that you want and desire, then perhaps it is because you are not clear with yourself about what those things are. Many of you are probably thinking, "Hey, wait a minute, I know that I want to be in a loving relationship, or that I want to be successful." My question is, "Then why aren't you? What is stopping the process?" It is so easy to blame everything and everyone around us for our unhappiness, including God or the universe. It takes courage to look at ourselves and ask ourselves what part we play in all this. When was the last time you really challenged yourself and took responsibility for your own happiness? Have you ever? If not, then start right now. It's not impossible. It just takes desire, courage and commitment. If you’re unhappy with yourself, then chances are you’re unhappy with your life. Let's face it - none of us really wants to hear that. We would rather point the finger at external circumstances.

The place to begin is right here, right now. It means first being open to the possibility that you might be standing in your own way of happiness. It means asking questions like; "Do I love myself or even know what that means?", "Could I subconsciously be blaming or punishing myself for past events or circumstances?", "Can I forgive myself for my mistakes and disappointments?" This might sound like over-used "self-help" nonsense, but I assure you it is not. Everything is made up of matter and energy. That isn't philosophy - that is science. What we believe, the thoughts we produce, they too are matter and energy. If we think good thoughts, then those good thoughts echo back to us. If we are unconsciously thinking about negative things, we may not even realize that those thoughts have the power to echo back from the universe conflicting with all of those good thoughts we are consciously thinking. The question here is, are you sabotaging your happiness? Once again, if you’re praying for amazing things to happen, but amazing things aren't coming back, I challenge you to ask yourself why. Look inward and ask yourself what you might be doing to stand in your own way.

The universe doesn't have feelings or empathy for us. Think of it as a canyon - when you yell into it, it reverberates with the sound of your own voice. What you want in this life, you create by speaking clearly into the universe. Your hopes, aspirations, and dreams echo back to you. But first, you must be clear about what it is you want and stop waiting for life to happen to you. Clarity is the key when manifesting happiness. If we don't know what we really want, then how can it ever be manifested? Many individuals think they know what they want, yet they remain unhappy and unfulfilled. The key to happiness depends upon discovering "who" we are and learning to love ourselves unconditionally. It may sound like "new-age" mumbo jumbo, but if you are constantly punishing yourself for past mistakes or your shortcomings, then you will sabotage your desires. They will be trumped by your subconscious negative thoughts and self-talk.

Tonight before you drift off to sleep, close your eyes, breathe deeply and look within yourself. Tell yourself that you are ready to be happy. Give yourself permission to do so by asking your higher self for the courage to begin this process. Even if you don't have a clue how this is going to happen, just be open to the possibility. Imagine yourself happy and what that would feel like. Be clear about what you want and then have your higher-self tell yourself that together you will begin this journey. You have taken the first step. Congratulations. Namaste!

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