How to Discover Your Purpose

By far the greatest way to connect with this world is to fulfill our deepest inner drive; our purpose. This is our one obligation in life. Our purpose is what you have been put on this earth to do – the reason why we were born into this world. It is what the Creator of humankind has always planned for us from the very moment that we came from nothingness into this world of form. When we obey this obligation we are granted with a meaningful life.

The people who we are and the events that have shaped our lives in the past have always been leading us towards our purpose. Each and every person on this planet is here for a reason, just as every event in our lives happens for a reason. The world is very purposeful. We must know that there is a reason behind absolutely everything, and there is a reason for our lives. There are no accidents. There is a Universal Power that flows through all of us and is helping us all to fulfill our purpose. Your purpose isn’t necessarily ‘big’ – not everyone is going to have the same large scale impact as Martin Luther King or Gandhi. Your purpose may be to be an incredible parent, teacher or nurse, or to bring joy to people through the arts. Your purpose is highly important regardless of the size or scale of reach - every single person has an important role to play.

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that finding your purpose is a Holy-Grail chase. Your purpose is dynamic – changing as your life evolves.

Your purpose is spiritually charged and you will find that once you find your purpose you will have an Energy running through you unlike anything you have ever felt before. If you want to feel that power and live the extraordinary life that I've been talking about, your job right now is to find your purpose.

To discover your purpose, you first need to discover your authentic self and the underlying values that guide your life. Self-knowledge is a knowledge which is greater in value than anything money can ever buy. Your authentic self knowledge has been lying under the smoke screen of values that society has ingrained in all of us, and it’s time for you to re-discover it. Specifically, to discover your purpose you need to discover your passions,strengths and values - and then combine these unique traits to provide a valuable service to society.

So ask yourself:

What are my greatest passions?

What are my greatest strengths?

What are my highest values?

(These can be some pretty tough questions to find answers to - If you’d like further guidance, the purpose of my book is to help you discover your purpose.)

You need to look deep into your heart to truly awaken to the power that you hold within. You weren’t born into this world to idly wish or dream – you were born to awaken you true greatness and shine it upon those who are lucky enough to be blessed with your gifts.

There is only one question you should be asking yourself right now: ‘How can I combine my passions, strengths and values to provide a service to others?’ This is your key to living an incredible life. Give the world your gifts!

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