5 Ways to Keep Calm - Especially When It's Hard

I meditate, practice yoga, and I really try not to judge others. But sometimes I lose my calm. I’ll meet someone who just seems to get under my skin or treats me unfairly and I get really upset and angry. We've all experienced episodes like this where someone or something can really get us going.

Here are five tips to keep calm whenever this happens:

1. Some people come into our lives as blessings and some as lesions. See the challenging people we meet as people who can help us grow. If you can learn something every time someone does you wrong, you can truly evolve into a better human being.

2. If you find yourself the victim of someone’s bitterness, ignorance or insecurity, remember that things could be much worse. You could be them. Take a good look at the person who just did you wrong. You don’t know what weight they have on their shoulders or what pain may be driving their actions.

3. You can blame others for what they have done to you but you can’t blame them for the fact that you choose to dwell on it.

4. Don’t let someone take your inner power away. Don’t let anyone’s drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.

5. When dealing with jealous people, respect their jealousy. If someone is jealous, then you have something that they want. Be grateful for what you have.

The most successful people are the ones who have known sorrow, loss, and struggle. They've all managed to emerge stronger and accomplish great things. So the next time someone gets under your skin, smile through your anger or tears and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.

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