Believing That Change Is Good integral part of life, yet one of the hardest processes to accept as human beings. People feel helpless when they are faced with the thought of change and often struggle with where to begin. I have found that the best place to begin, is right where you are.

Look at it like putting together a jigsaw puzzle - you never question the first piece you begin with, you simply have faith that the end result will bring completion. That is also the most effective way to tackle the process of change within ourselves.

If we wait for that perfect moment, like that perfect piece, then we may never begin our quest for self-actualization. Change is hard - it takes courage, strength and discipline. We have to want to change for it to ever last and be authentic.

Many of us may have been victims as children, but over time we became victims of negative behavior patterns. We can change these patterns and become the people we desire to be but first, we must acknowledge that we need to change. Once we have faced that calling deep within us to move in a new direction, then we need the courage to start walking. The very core of nature is change. It is about birth and rebirth. It does not resist that process. Like nature, we to are constantly changing. Whether, we recognize it or not, it only makes sense that we should welcome the opportunity to shed our old outdated modes of thinking and interacting with those around us, and strive to become better and newer versions of ourselves. We don't think twice about upgrading our cars or phones for newer more advanced models, yet we do not seem to feel that way about ourselves.

Our daily mantra should be "I embrace change in myself and others." Change is scary because of its intrinsic rippling effect. When someone close to us changes, it challenges us to adjust and possibly re-evaluate our own beliefs. More often than not, that can make us feel angry and resentful, especially if we are not open to change. We have to allow and encourage other's personal growth. We cannot be selfish and expect that our loved ones should not upset the apple cart because of how it might affect us. We are all here to grow and evolve spiritually. If we are not courageous enough to look deep within ourselves and make a shift, then we should allow ourselves to be inspired by those that do have the courage. Let them be our teachers and flow with them as they evolve in their quest for change. If we cannot do this, then we should bless them and set them free.

The time to begin change is right at this moment. So pick up that first piece of the puzzle and have faith that the final picture will be you as the perfect being you deserve to be. Namaste

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