5 Tips for Enjoying Your Own Company

Written by Merja Willock

Many of us try to avoid spending time alone as much as possible, and fill the silence with distractions, turn on the TV as soon as they get home, having it as a constant companion, or even avoiding going home until it's time to get some sleep for the next day.

We have lost touch with being immersed in our own thoughts and inner guidance, being comfortable with who we really are. We hide our true feelings and thoughts in order to feel accepted among our friends, family or when getting to know new people. We have become so good at it that we hide our soul from ourselves as well, seeking our value through other people's viewpoint.

For some people, being alone is easy and something that they enjoy doing. For others it can be fairly difficult to learn. If you are an introvert, quiet time is energizing. Unfortunately, in this world where extroverts are praised, not wanting to socialize every evening is often looked upon as antisocial and weird behavior. However, many of the world's greatest talents, artists and musicians are often introverts who recharge their batteries by spending time alone.

Spending time alone with yourself, without distractions, is crucial for all of us because it opens up space for our real thoughts to come through. It lets us discover what we have been trying to cover up, and failed to take time to hear earlier. Most importantly, it lets us become who we really are when we learn to listen to our inner voice and intuition.

Never ever count on any other people or a single person to make you happy. Don't settle for something that your soul doesn't have a desire to do, only because you want to please other people. You are giving away your power. You have the keys to your happiness, but you need to find the locks first, and that is something that you need to figure out by yourself.

Here are five tips for learning to enjoy spending more time with yourself:

1. Have a home environment where you really want to be. Surround yourself only with things that you love. Colors, artwork, fresh flowers, and candles. Whatever makes your home feel like a special place where you want to spend time, and relax.

2. Have a retreat at your own home. For a weekend or even one day. Disconnect from your computer, social networks and turn off your phone. Meditate, listen to your favorite music, read, take a hot bath, go for a walk, write a journal and let your thoughts flow. Do all the things to pamper yourself that you usually ignore because you feel that you don't have the time.

3. Find out what you really love to do or have always wanted to try. Instead of switching on the TV, logging into Facebook, or doing things that are based on social pressure, write dream journals and love lists, experiment and be spontaneous.

4. Tap into your creative power. It can be anything from cooking to singing. Go into different workshops or art classes, listen to inspirational lectures, guided visualizations and audiobooks to develop your imagination.

5. Make every moment special. Use nice dishes and light a candle when you are eating alone. Savour every spoonful mindfully and appreciate your food. Wear your favorite dress, on a normal day or why not even if you are spending the day at home. Don't save things just for special occasions. Everything is made to be used.

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