3 Simple Words That Make Mistakes Worthwhile

Written by Aimee Hoefler

How many times have you repeated the same mistake because you expected a different outcome? OK, we have all done it. Yet, why? Why do we continually go down the same course knowing full well what lurks behind each bush and awaits for us at every corner? Well, this isn’t meant to be a psychology or even a sociology lesson. Instead, it’s about learning to leverage three simple words to help you make even the most embarrassing mistakes worthwhile. Oh yes, we all have those mistakes in our closets.

Stop. Acknowledge. Revise.

These three simple words are meant to help empower you when you are on the path of no return. When you think this new guy will be different than your last, although you innately know better. These three words are meant to be that trigger to help you learn from your past mistakes and continue to move forward.

Lets see how they work together...

As soon as you find yourself going down that same path, the path that has led you to self-destruction, over-eating, binge drinking or treating others unfairly, stop. Stop yourself in the moment, before you can have a chance to change your mind.

By stopping yourself in the moment, you are acknowledging to yourself that you have been there before, that you don’t want to repeat the same mistake and that you want to change your course. By acknowledging the path you are on may not be rosy and joyful, you are also admitting you have made a mistake before. See, you are already on the right path. By simply acknowledging and owning up to your past mistakes, you are gaining extra strength and courage that’ll have a ripple effect throughout your life.

Of course, you also need to make the change. You need to revise your course. You have stopped in the moment, acknowledged this course wasn’t right as you’ve tried it before and know now it’s time to revise your gameplan. Where do you want life to take you? What do you want out of life? Let your innate desires drive you and be your own force to make the needed revisions to change your course.

Stop. Acknowledge. Revise.

Three simple words that now have a whole new meaning. Stay true to yourself and always remember to learn from your mistakes by stopping to acknowledge the path you are on is not healthy for you or beneficial to your goals or simply in alignment with your desires and dreams. Take mistakes as learning lessons and revise where you need to.

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