How Western Man Will Save the World

The Dalai Lama once said to the pride of many girl friends of mine that the western woman would save the world. We can look at the several depths they’ve contributed in such a saving magnitude – from an economics standpoint, with thriving responsibilities in the workforce, birthing revolutionary concepts as entrepreneurs, developing cutting edge businesses that arguably have brought “green” and “eco-friendly” ethics to the forefront of growing corporate standards; while also being the majority in upholding that socially-conscious consumerism, with reusable bottled drinks, tote bags at the grocery store, and producing much of the revenue for farmer’s markets, buying and supporting local organic foods.

This is all really to say, the western woman has generally held the light on the culmination of these efforts, emerging positive changes while raising enlightening social standards, and economic “new age” commerce. Not to mention their still mothers! Raising children in this awakening climate, with an importance and challenge yet still sometimes not fully recognized, as they conduct all this in their newfound roles.

In an overview of transformative growth for America’s better days over the last 10-20 years, it’s easy to find the reasons of his Holiness’ statement, and as we grow more into this evolution of western culture, with the pace set forth undoubtedly by woman – the question is – Where do men sit in all this? How do we contribute? What’s our stake to claim in co-existing in this saving of our world?

For the world saving western man, supporting our women and ourselves comes first in growing to a major force alongside them, which we’re already working on, while focusing on our own new endeavor: To love fearlessly, and feel endlessly.

The curtains are raising, truth is rising, and the family home doesn’t seem as much of a stationary resting place in roles and responsibilities like it once looked for our parents and grandparents. It’s now a (hopefully) rooted point of emotion, a base for evolution where we’re all intended to independently grow from, sharing and caring together.

This is the new age. The new world, and we as men are going to help join the saving of our inhabitance by conquering our largest, but simplest “manly” hindrance. To love fearlessly, and feel endlessly into people, places, and things, our greatest transformational challenge and tool with the most fulfilling rewards.

Like woman breaking through the barriers of “what was ok” or “not ok” for them in the workforce, we as men need to break through “what is ok” or “not ok” in the loveforce.

It is our mandate (no pun) as men, our responsibility in this evolutionary stage to fearlessly act on love, without concern of rejection by women, or fellow males in their reaction to false societal rules. And I might be preaching to the choir on MindBodyGreen by saying all this, so share with friends that are perhaps not on this direct path.

Just think how few wars, and unnecessary competition we’d have with one another if we hugged a little longer, nurtured each other a bit more, and gave love in caring support, silencing our egos of “one-upmanship,” or concerned ideas as a heterosexual “coming off gay.”

By loving fearlessly, and feeling endlessly, we contribute to saving the world in a culture that’s becoming a community, separatism becoming oneness, and collective action that’s starting to work together, men and women, for a better, cleaner, safer, and more loving, caring world.

Much Love,


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