Do you want to make your dreams and life mission a reality? Well, these are things that we already know, but we need to be reminded of from time to time.

1. Listen to your heart – it always knows the way.
2. Be true to yourself. What takes you closer to your life mission and what takes you further away?
3. Surround yourself with people who love you and encourage your personal  freedom – not boundaries
4. Turn your gaze inwards and look at yourself – what is holding you back from doing what you really love and want to do?
5. Remind yourself that you always know what is right for you, even if everyone else disagrees. At the end no one knows yourself better than you. Even if it may seem difficult sometimes, the answer is always within.
6. Transform all doubt and negativity and trust that the universe is making sure that you are on the right path – the right path for you.  
7. Stay present and open up for the connection with your heart – your inner wisdom. The key to the past and the future (the key to everything) is right here in the present moment. The answer is in the now.

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