How Inversions Can Make Your Mind Stronger

Inversions are an important part of yoga. There are many benefits to inversions including:

  • Increased blood circulation to the brain which increases the oxygen flow and enhances concentration and mental sharpness
  • Improved circulation
  • Upper body strength
  • Relaxed mind
  • Strengthened core

We learn in physics class that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we take a step, our foot presses into the earth. The earth presses back with equal force. When we throw a ball, the ball moves forward pushing through space. The air and gravity push back with equal strength.

Just as the body can benefit from turning the down side up, so too can our minds. If we can realize that for every thought we have there is an opposite way to see it we can increase our mental stamina and improve our thought circulation.

When we think a negative thought, there is always an opposite, positive thought that is just as powerful as the negative and equal in all ways. Take for example, the thought, “She shouldn’t judge me. When she judges me I feel small and useless.” What are you doing when you tell someone how they “should” be? You are imposing your thoughts and beliefs on them and telling them how to think. In essence you are judging them. So, the opposite, equal thought would be, “I shouldn’t judge her.”

If you have the thought, “I am unlovable.” The equal opposite of that would be, “I am lovable.” When you are feeling down it is easy to generalize and expand one thought or feeling so that it encompasses all of you but no one is completely unlovable. In order to be unlovable you would have to know what love is and be able to express it and feel it. Once you feel love you can’t un-experience it. If you can love, you are capable of loving yourself therefore you will never be unlovable.

You could have the thought, “I don’t understand math at all. I am so dumb.” Maybe you have a hard time with math but that doesn’t equate to being dumb in all areas. Everyone is smarter at some things than others. Maybe you are good in English or are very logical and have great “street smarts”. The equal but opposite thought would be, “I may not be good at math but I am not dumb.”

By understanding the laws of physics and the health benefits that can be gained from inversions, you can apply those rules to your thoughts. Turn the down side up and re-think anything that brings you down.

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