5 Ways to Enhance Your Beauty, Inside Out

Written by Aimee Hoefler

Be honest, how many beauty magazines do you read or lotions you buy or treatments you book in order to get the glowing skin you want or the body you want or the hair you want? It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Yet, lets face it, if you don’t get to the root of the problem, you won’t change anything. Instead, by masking the problem you are spending more time, money and energy on a band-aid fix rather than working to solve the problem at its root.

Here are 5 simple ways you can work on to enhance your beauty, from the inside out:

1. Smile.

Think for a moment how far a smile goes when you receive one. You may be having the worst day, but then you receive a smile. That smile may be from your spouse, your partner, your child or a complete stranger. Whoever sent you that smile, you must admit, it felt great. Thus, why not continue that trend and pass on a friendly smile as allowing your innate beauty to shine through your smile will be sure to illuminate someone else’s day. In addition, smile lines are a lot sexier than frown lines when that day comes.

2. Say “Thank You”. 

Maybe you already say thank you to the barista for your coffee every morning or to your husband for picking up the kids or to your friend for being there when you really needed her. If you are quick to answer yes, I must ask, do you really mean it? That’s one of the hardest questions because it’s easy to believe you are genuine every time those words pass by your lips. Yet, be honest and truthful with yourself as by saying thank you, you are passing a compliment or an appreciation onto another. Often times, a simple thank you, can truly make another’s day. So, be sure you truly mean it when you say it.

3. Find Your Form of Meditation

From taking your running shoes and trekking around a new city to walking to the grocery store to taking a yoga class, find what helps you to relax and seize the moment. Allowing yourself time to unwind and relax is truly priceless. When you give yourself this time, you are allowing yourself to reset, let go of the day’s stresses and for that time you are pursuing this activity, you are alone with you. Let this be the time you wipe the slate clean and find the inner strength to be the best version of yourself you can be.

4. Help Another. 

Whether you are volunteering for a local not-for-profit, donating unused items to a charity or simply shoveling snow for the neighbor, it all helps you to see the big picture. Life can easily thrust you in a corner where you think your story is the worst. Thus, by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and seeing what other people’s stories are like, not only helps you to open our eyes to those truly worse off, but to focus on the joys that make your life worth living.

5. Swap an Unhealthy Food. 

Yes, we all have our weaknesses, but you are truly what you eat. Thus, you may get by for awhile being thin and eating garbage all day, but it will catch up to you. In addition, why not nourish your body from the inside out? Sure, you may not be able to visually see what all that fast food or sugary sweets are doing to your organs, but, you already do feel its effects. From the sluggish feelings to the mood swings, eating unhealthy doesn’t fuel anything good. Instead, start simply and focus on one meal or one snack a day and seek a healthier substitute. Yes, you may slip, but one small step is better than what you were yesterday.

Always remember, it’s often the simple things you can do that help create and define your beauty. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why, you need to learn to love yourself above all. Once that happens, the rest will begin falling into place. Take one day at a time and start here.

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