5 Moments for Remembering Your True Self

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, we are all conscious of when we’re living from our true authentic self; our “heart space,” as opposed to a false identity that expresses in particular circumstance; an egoic “little me” that provides an opinionated, sometimes painful, annoyed, anxious, or fearful feeling around certain moments. In short, all who seek a life of well-being seek a life of being comfortably them self.

I’ve written out five moments where it’s easy to lose a state of comfort, contentment, and confidence, among other healthy, loving attributes of our true nature.

So here’s to remembering in these common situations when it might be easy to forget.

1. Environment

We’re energetic beings, feeling and sensing vibrations of environments we enter. Whether subtle, without noticing much of their effects, or being consciously aware, we can intuitively sense energy, some more than others, and if a location or situation doesn’t line-up with our “home frequency,” our vibratory comfort level, by it either being higher or lower, we can get in survival mode by shutting down, overly expressing, or just finding the nearest exit. In these moments of discomfort that bring out a myriad of emotions, mindfully address if the environment’s frequency is higher or lower than yours, and openly find what can be learned from the experience. As with all moments in life, lessons can be found, pointing to the unfoldment of a better and brighter you. If it’s a higher vibration, stretch and break your fears, if lower, become more mindful in your actions and compassion. The growth for both sides is immense.

2. Socializing

In many ways, socializing goes hand-in-hand with environment, and then should be addressed the same; but we mostly socialize in places of total comfort, within that “home frequency” where we can engage in mindless banter of gossip, or other topics of negativity that make for unconscious “small-talk,” leaving our true loving nature at the back door, by instead choosing to perpetuate unnecessary doubt, jealousy, pain, judgment, fear, or other emotions of poor self-esteem. This can leave us yearning for the next yoga or meditation session to “unwind;” and that unwinding need could be from engaging in mindless activity because of how we socialize with friends, family, and acquaintances. If we’re mindful in these moments of negative “small-talk,” or “small-self” conversation we can end such needy feelings by remembering our authentically positive nature. In this awareness, we catch ourselves, rise above our petty “small-self” talk, and instead remain in developing towards our “high-self” potential; which then creates moments for the yoga or meditation mat to be just as divine as socializing at a friendly gathering, or over the phone with friends, and potential new ones, who now send positive light and love your way with the negative energy cleared out of conversation. As the old saying goes, “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

3. Mundane/Routine Tasks

Washing the dishes, folding the laundry, running errands around town, it can be so easy to find moments doing the mundane tasks we all have to do with annoyance or anxiousness, perhaps being fearful of getting it all done as we hustle to finish, pulling us out of the present moment, and leaving our contented true nature absent with the possibility of flaring up negative emotion. The key here, which works with all five situations as a quick step back into our true self, is placing all our thoughts on following the breathe. Anxiousness is derived from not breathing enough, and many mundane tasks leave us anxious by our desire to quickly move through them, using the mind on finishing rather than breathing. Relax, breath deep, and take a moment in gratitude, enjoying the breathe you breath.

4. Idle Time

Idle time filled with mindless activity can be a huge escape from accessing our highest potential. By spending hours on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or cruising the web and TV, we can find ourselves quietly losing touch with the diligent intentions of the day that now slip into negatively patterned habits… possibly junk food – and at worst! – substituting that junk food for a real meal! When we’re mindfully aware of this non-recharging or fulfilling idle time as it occurs, depleting our true essence by placing us into a low vibratory exercise, let’s begin to pull our self out of it by getting up and outside, or just jumping up and down, stirring our energy, and awakening a healthy flow of endorphins to snap the pattern; entering a state of more useful or restful time.

5. Thoughts/Discussions of Finance

The granddaddy of moments when it’s important to remember your true self, at least for western culture, is thoughts on finance, or when discussing with others of similar beliefs in the fear or lack, or desire thereof. It’s a huge topic for taking you out of the moment, forgetting your true abundant nature, and engaging in a survival mode of false identifying. Here is where our ego can inflate or deflate, as our animal instincts arrive to protect; rooted in the most basic forms of surface thought (safety in shelter and food). Drawing attention and mindfulness to this area when it comes up will alleviate the stressful trappings it might cause, and help allow you to see and understand, perhaps at first not completely, that you exist in a field of plenitude, where your mentality dictates your reality, and your faith in that thought will soon have money looked at no longer as a necessity of survival, but a tool to joyously use in bettering your life and those around you.


I trust this finds you well, and when these moments arise, you’ll have more tools to keep being your true, radiant self; and in doing so, expediting your path of growth towards total well-being.

Much Love,


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