Does Your Past Still Rule Your Life? 6 Questions to Create More Freedom

Are you ready to create a life without fear or judgment? What would it take to let go of the past and discover what else is possible?

As we acknowledge our limiting beliefs and judgments, we transcend the stories of our past, loving every part of ourselves to finally be the joy and potency we came here to be. We are not our stories. We are not our past, our labels, our jobs, our titles, or the judgments we’ve taken upon ourselves. Whatever you’ve lived in your past does not need to drive your future; it was over the moment it happened. Are you ready to let go of all of that is not you and never was?

I’ve spent the better portion of my life presenting to the world "the perfect me." I allowed only the parts of me that were acceptable and “normal” to surface. I did everything that was expected to make others happy. Nobody had any idea of the troubled relationships, alcohol abuse, destructive eating habits, and low self-worth that lie hidden beneath the surface. Over time, when these “issues” were brought to light, they could be recognized and I could deal with them. In doing so, they lost their hold on me.

How do you go from being ruled by your anger, fear, and judgments of the past to being in love with life, eager for each day? Can you see your past as a gift? If it looks ugly, can you let it go? As I began to release self judgment and replace it with unconditional love, the shift could begin. It was in this space that I could let go of my unhealthy habits and replace them with a life of enjoying a yoga practice, tuning into my body, and becoming the love I was always searching for outside myself.

Here are a few questions to create new freedom and possibilities...

1. How much resistance and alignment are you in about your past?

2. If you let go of your past, would you have more of you or less of you?

3. Do you feel you need to hold onto the past to make yourself right about all the "limitations" you may have chosen? Would you rather be right or free?

4. What does judgment accomplish in your life? What if your job was to let go of the judgments of you and your past that weren't working for you anyway?

5. How much of your past are you resisting or trying to hide? The only way to be free from any energy is to be in total allowance, which means you’re never resisting or aligning with it.

6. Are you ready to let it go? In letting go of self judgement, we can help the collective consciousness of the world release this energy as well.

Expansion and growth never end, and ten years later I continue to uncover the parts of me that hold me back from becoming the larger part of me, my higher self. In cleaning up our own mental backyard, we can assist in the healing of the world. Instead of living in denial and pushing these parts of ourselves below the surface, choose to understand. It may seem easier to stay distracted, become a cynic or indulge in resentment, but this will never create change and it actually takes more energy to hold onto these patterns. It’s like trying to hold a beach ball beneath the water; it takes a lot of work and eventually it pops up anyway!

Know that every judgment that comes to the surface is not true and never was, as they are not you! It’s just a perspective! Welcome it all, thank it for showing up, so now you can release it. You don't even need to figure out where it came from or why it is showing up now. Simply remember to breathe, love the self for another opportunity to get clear, and let it go.

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