The Well of Mind

I’ve had a humorous moment in meditation. Don’t you love those? Where an “a-ha!” moment hits and you just can’t help but chuckle at a simple discovery?

In the practice of meditation, [hopefully] all that is real remains, and all that lacks the substance of an essential self dissipates. The veil of delusion and illusion that is the human mind eradicates from its silly behavior, and all we’re left with is the reality of that which is, this very moment, with no opinion to garner.

My chuckling in meditation from a joy I couldn’t contain was not only from re-recognizing this fact, as we all do who steadily practice meditation, but in realizing we all have to re-recognize this fact every time! We need to constantly remind ourselves of the simplest truth in well-being! How funny! The human “surface” mind is so silly in fact that we believe in one thing one moment, and another the next. Stressed to relaxed, busy to bored. Our brains are so powerful that we create an internal reality of something that doesn’t even exist! Most of our thoughts hold no merit, no value, no substance of the essentially Divine ingredients that flow through everything we see.

If you can’t see it, don’t believe it! Unless you uncover a treasured vision that you wish to manifest, that brings out qualities of real substance and value to your world you feel in your heart, then believe in that too. That’s a mind not being used on the surface level of transient issues, but on a higher dimension, one being valuably exercised beyond worldly concern. But for the billions-on-billions of petty small-minded thoughts that we have, and are having, swirling around in our heads, we have to know those have no real remains of value… so let ‘em go!

Take this with you:

The mind is a full or empty well, and when it’s empty, the fullness of its worth shines through.

Happy meditating as we take the time to watch those silly transient thoughts wash away, and strengthen a mind of richer value.

Much Love,


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