Let Go, Let Love: Surrender to Your Higher Self

Written by Melissa Lawrence

Let Go, Let Love. What a truly powerful affirmation! How does that feel to you when you read it?

To me, this is one of my very favorite mantras, one that I regularly meditate with and say to myself, and that resonates so highly with me that I had to share it with all of you.

I first came across a different version of it at a Neale Donald Walsch retreat I attended in my early 20's back in 2003 with my mom. Neale, (a beyond amazing spiritual teacher, inspiration and author) was talking about his past and his early struggles in life - from being very successful, to going broke and then living on the streets. While he was at his lowest point in his life he told us he received a divine message to just Let Go and Let GOD.

The moment I heard Neale speak these words my entire body was filled with an immense peace, and you could see and feel it resonate throughout the whole room. At that moment, I noticed I unconsciously took a deep cleansing breath and felt an uplifting vibration throughout my whole being.

Wow! I had no words...

Neale went on to talk about how he changed his whole life from that moment on and has gone on to write many inspiring and amazing books such as Conversations with God, and Bringers of The Light and is a world leader in Unity Consciousness. What an inspiration!

I took that mantra, and many other wonderful teachings from him and that week which I still use to this day. I am so blessed for my time spent with Neale learning, growing, healing and expanding. Thank you for who you are and what you do for this world Neale!

At the time and for months later I began to question and contemplate what that mantra really meant to me personally and why it made me feel what it did. What I realized was that my exploration into it helped me recognize and get in touch with my higher self and helped me to put into place my own beliefs through the whole process. From this soul searching, I was called to make this mantra truly my own. I believe by making something ‘my own’ it embodies a process of self-growth, reflection, and creation all in one, which I am all about! So the mantra became; 'LET GO, LET LOVE'

For years to come this beautiful saying has had so much meaning to me and gave me the ability to stop looking outward for answers and to look inward instead. It became a very powerful reminder of my own personal strength, wisdom and intuition. I began to take pride in myself, and to let go and trust in my truths and abilities, on a whole new level. In doing so a new strength and power began to emerge from deep within me. I felt this mantra was helping me to truly connect with my intuition and source.

What I have learnt on this journey is that To Let Go, Let Love is more than just a mantra; it is a powerful action to be done through the Heart and with Compassion, Grace, Ease and Love.

The act of 'letting go' is taking the focus off the things in life that are getting to you or not serving you and by doing so you open up to ‘let love’ and positive energy flow through you and your entire life. It is an action of wholeheartedly surrendering the 'how' and 'when' to the universe and declaring to life that you are ready to Let go and Let Love Flow.

‘Let Go Let Love’

To “let go, let love” is to surrender to your higher self and intuition. You are a powerful being!

To “let go, let love” is to love thyne self, the way you are right now. Be your own best friend.

To “let go, let love” is putting yourself first and realizing you take care of others more by caring for yourself.

To “let go, let love” is to realize you create your own life so choose love in all that you do.

To “let go, let love” is to allow learning and growth from all experiences without judgment.

To “let go, let love” is to make the most of yourself and your gifts. Shine your light to the world.

To “let go, let love” is to leave judgment aside and allow another to be a human being too.

To “let go, let love” is to allow others to mold their own destinies and create their best lives.

To “let go, let love” is to always grow and develop and flow with the divine universe.

To “let go, let love” is to accept the present moment without judgment., there is love and learning there.

To “let go, let love” is to search out your own life lessons, learn from them, grow and keep moving forward.

To “let go, let love” is to open up to love more and more everyday in every way.

In Love

~Melissa Amber Lawrence

"There is no practice greater than Love,

there is no law higher than Love,

and there is no goal which is beyond Love,

for Love in its divine state becomes infinite.

~Meher Baba

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