Oh-My Vegan Chocolate Goodness!

After that delicious first bite, I asked my sister-in-law, "Are you sure this is really vegan chocolate?" "Yes, it's from Cocoa V." The rest is chocolate history.

I'm a big fan of chocolate and I'm also a tough critic. Jacques Torres is only a few blocks away from where I live so I'm spoiled. I'm not vegan; however, I'm trying to eat more consciously in 2010 -- and if a product has a meat- or dairy-free alternative that's just as good as the real thing, then I'll choose that option. But some things are just tough to replicate and make vegan -- and chocolate is one of them. Babycakes here in NYC does a great job with their baked goods, but I've yet to find a vegan chocolate that's as good as the real thing -- until I had Cocoa V this Saturday.

We had the chocolate cake from Cocoa V and it's as creamy, rich, and delicious as any chocolate cake you'll find. I have no idea how they made their frosting so creamy -- just like a buttery-option you'd find anywhere else. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. It's that good.

I'd write more about their other delicious items like their cookies, brownies, Bon Bons, and truffles, but I'm beginning to drool on my keyboard. :)

Did I also mention they're 100% Organic and Fair Trade as well?

Don't live in New York City? Not a problem -- you can order online.

Cocoa V

174 Ninth Ave (20th & 21st)

NY, NY 10011

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