Kick Fear to the Curb with One Trick

I do not typically make New Year’s resolutions, but I wanted to have a truly authentic intention for 2012, one that would carry me forward in life as well as my career. On January 1st, 2012 I began to manifest a relationship change with my fears. I wanted to see them for what they were and face them head on. Fear can be anything that creates stagnation, stillness, procrastination, lack of motivation, depression and even lead to weight gain.

My fears were based around the success of my business, Infinite Health. I have a fear about selling myself and the services that I provide. I have a fear that I will sound like a used car sales person. I have a fear about looking too egotistical. What it comes down to is: I have a fear of what other people think of me! Once I recognized what the true fear was, the work began to eliminate it out of my life. I have seen amazing results! Creating and hosting workshops, helping a small business with their wellness program, growing my yoga instruction, as well as creating loving relationships that I know will last a lifetime. What is my trick you ask?


Think of it this way, when you are afraid your body becomes paralyzed. When was the last time you watched a scary movie or had a nightmare? How did your body move in that situation? It usually finds stillness. How was your breath? It might be quick and erratic or even forgotten about. Fear produces immobility. Moving forward in your career, relationships, living situation, or life can cause this same response. Your mind becomes indifferent, you stop wanting to grow, enthusiasm decreases. Maybe even physical exercise stops and binge eating starts happening more and more.

One simple trick to begin cleaning your body of fear is to move, in any way, shape or form. Whether you are stuck on a project at work or home and do not know how to move forward; take a walk. Or need to accomplish an overwhelming task, but have procrastinated beginning; turn on your favorite song and dance. With yourself or others, it does not matter! Creating movement with no inhibitions will begin moving creative juices through your body, releasing sluggishness, giving your body and mind permission to move forward with new ideas and the energy to fulfill your goals.

When you are moving, your body cannot create fear. Visualize yourself moving in your favorite way. Have you ever felt that you could not accomplish something while doing so? Most likely you are smiling and/or are in some sort of meditation (focusing on your breath) while doing so.

Pick your favorite movement and try to do it once a day, if even for a minute. Here are some suggestions to get you out of the passenger seat of your life and behind the steering wheel. Then see how fear begins to take a back seat.

Dancing, Cycling, Kayaking, Walking, Rock Climbing, Running, Yoga, Conscious Breathing, Cooking, Gardening, Hiking, Swimming, Singing, Hugging, Skipping

“Let the beauty that you love, be what you do.” ~ Rumi

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