The Importance of Letting Yourself Feel

Sometimes I wonder why we keep suppressing our emotions. It's like we're trying to hide from our feelings, like they're our enemies. We know that they're not, though they will be if we never let ourselves feel. If we never cry, feel sad or angry our emotions will gather up and just wait for the big opportunity to explode. If we never feel, one day it will be too much and we will have to deal with all of it at once, (old and new) instead of just dealing with one thing (feeling) at a time. We need to let our feelings be a part of our daily lives – both the good and the bad feelings.

We also need to understand and remember that we all have different sides to our personalities. Good and “bad” sides. Accept that every human being has every kind of feeling such as love, hatred, jealousy, compassion and so on, but we can consciously choose what we want to make a bigger part of our lives. Allow yourself to feel, explore and accept. Don’t make it bigger or smaller than it really is. Just let it be. It is what it is.

I think we all could use a “reality check” sometimes. Or should I say emotion check? Did you feel, accept and let go of your feelings? Did you remember to take the lessons and experiences it gave you or did you just bury it deep down somewhere? Our feelings will not go away. It's like a bunch of e-mails you need to answer -- they don’t answer themselves just because you put them in a file and wait for a better time to respond. You need to read, write, review and send. With your feelings you need to feel, listen, review and let go. They won't go away until you release them! Trust me. You might believe that they are gone, but if you haven’t let go of them, one day they'll blossom again. They will also affect your life and the way you act and react, even if you can't see it. Like what Robert Frost said; “The best way out is always through.”

Be true to yourself when it comes to what you want. Be open and playful and listen to what your heart has to tell you. We always think about other people and put their happiness before ours. “I'll just do it for their sake – it'll make them happy.” Of course that's okay if you're okay with it, and I guess sometimes we “have” to do certain things. But what if it doesn't make you happy? Either way your motivation for doing it is wrong -- it's not good for anyone. And hey, it won't even give you good karma! Not if the intention is wrong! Good karma doesn't come from ego-oriented actions, it must come from the heart.

My point is; let yourself feel. Listen to your heart. Feel again. Let go and learn how to accept and grow from the lessons that life has to offer.

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