Shake Off the Dust

Do you ever feel dusty? Like there is a layer of stuff on you, around you, covering your heart and dimming your light? Maybe this experience is subtle, a light dusting that leaves you feeling slightly disconnected from yourself. Or maybe it’s rather intense, like you are in the middle of your very own isolating dust storm and you can’t see even a few inches in front of you.

The fact of the matter is this…life happens. And life can be messy. Life carries a whole lot of dust with it and you can go from feeling as free and clear and as bright as the full moon in one moment to feeling like a truck full of sand has been dumped right on top of you in the next. It is part of this human experience. It is part of this worldly existence that we get to enjoy for such a very brief time. There are the highs and the lows, the ebbs and the flows, and some days we are up and some days we are down as we move along in this journey.

No matter how we try to protect ourselves, no matter how we try to insulate and shield ourselves from the sorrows and the disappointments, things do happen. Hearts get broken, beings that we love get sick, sometimes we spill coffee, get parking tickets, say things that we wish we could take back and fail to love as well as we know we can. Things do happen. And, these things can leave us feeling so very dusty, so deeply disconnected and weighed down with the heaviness of it all.

Dust blows. Literally. It blows with the wind. A soft breeze can carry dust away. Of course there are times when it takes something stronger than a soft breeze to get the dust off, but the dust, in and of itself, is temporary. It is transient. It is illusory. But, there is always something beneath the dust. Something that is steady and infinite. Residing under the dust is the infinite light, the abundant glow that is the very essence of our nature. No matter how thick that layer of dust gets to be, the radiance that is the grace that exists within all of us remains. No matter what happens to us or with us or around us, that very light, that unending grace cannot be taken away. It is our very nature. It’s just that when we are covered from head to toe in the grime of whatever it is that we might be experiencing, when life happens to us, the dust, the grime, the sadness, frustration, confusion, fear, however you want to name it, is often all that we can see.

Much like the very wise David Lee Murphy sang, “There might be a little dust on the bottle, but don’t let it fool you ’bout what’s inside.”

If you’ve got some dust on you or around see if you can shake it off, wring it out, or exhale it away. Even just a little bit. Consider looking a little deeper, going beyond the dust and seeing that there is still a glow that exists beneath it. Find the areas in your life that seem to create the biggest dust storms and start to clean ‘em up, knowing that the light within is just as bright; that it will never leave. You are the glow. No matter how much we are called to endure, no matter how much life happens to us, nothing and no one can take our light from us. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to look beyond the surface.

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