Turn Up-side Down to Get Right-side Up

Do you fear inversions? You are not alone! How can you overcome the fear and gain the benefits of inversion postures?

Inversions are poses where your heart is higher than your head. Examples of inversion postures include:

Simple Poses

Legs Up The Wall

Downward Facing Dog

Intermediate Poses

Plow Pose

Supported Shoulder Stand

Full Inversion Poses


Forearm Stand


Inversions can benefit the cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems. Being up-side down keeps lymph moving, supporting a healthy immune system.

Inversions can elevate mood, relieve depression, enhance brain power, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. These postures can improve sleep, aid digestion, and relieve back pain with regular practice.

So why aren’t we all doing inversions?

We are all born with the innate fear of falling. Physiologically, the fear alerts you to a potentially dangerous situation. Inversions challenge your fear of falling. Learning to deal with the fear can establish a strong sense of confidence. The confidence you gain with inversions can help with other fears.

Inversions literally turn your world up-side down. The alternate visual perspective gives you a fresh outlook on the world. Inversions will give you a new perspective and a boost of strength and confidence.

Ready for inversions? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Find an experienced teacher your trust. Don’t try inversions on your own. Have a qualified yoga instructor teach you the proper technique to prevent injuries.
  2. Start with simple poses and work your way up to more advanced inversions.
  3. Inversions should be avoided if you have a history of neck injuries, seizure disorders, high blood pressure, heart conditions, or eye problems. Inversions should also be avoided during menstruation.
  4. Always take your time! Concentrate on correct techniques and building a solid foundation for all inversion postures.

Turn up-side down to get right-side up and experience the amazing benefits of inversions!

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