The 3 Fears

Tony Robbins mentioned on Oprah’s Lifeclass this past Monday night that fear is inescapable. It’s a feeling tone that will always exist, and how we wish to use it can bring forth amazing growth and self-empowerment. In addressing and transmuting our fear into courage, we face that which troubles us, can transform us, and can then be used as fuel to propel us forward.

If we look back at our childhood, right up to today, fears have been imparted on us since the very beginning. Perhaps at first subtle, but this subtle or intense feeling tone has grown into areas of thought far beyond where it originated. We can have millions of stories on things we’re afraid of, or act out upon in defense, but what is the root of all these fears?

The great visionary Gregg Braden in Walking Between the Worlds performed a study with a workshop where all the attendees listed what negative characteristics their primary caretakers had. We found judgment, jealousy, anger, doubt, complaining, low self-esteem, perhaps the escaping tools of abuse in drugs and alcohol. With these issues and countless others, Braden has found this study to show after over ten years of conducting it, with occasional surprises, the same exact results.

With all the stories aside from the flowering branches of fear that can stem to eternity, Braden through his studies was able to present the root to all our fears.

All the characteristics we experience or act upon have been broken down into three categories, in what Braden calls our "Universal Fears":

1. Abandonment or Separation

-Lost, questioning the purpose of being alive

-Feeling “failed” or “broken”

-Being constantly left in relationships

-Always being the “leavee” of relationships to avoid that pain of being left, always looking to “stay ahead”

2. Not Worthy or Not Good Enough

-Low self-esteem, lack of courage and self-love

-Remaining in a limited world, fearful of expression and expansion

-Relating and existing in relationships with the same lacks and beliefs

-When brighter and more joyful opportunities arise you shoot them down, closing the door of abundance – “you don’t play your cards right”

3. Surrender and Trust

-Not wishing to feel into yourself, living unattached to your emotions

-Believing it’s not safe to trust people or places

-Attracting relationships in limbo with the same lack of trust

-Difficult to grasp that the Universe works for your good and positive unfoldment

I trust this information will allow you to be pulled out of your fearful stories, discover their original forms, and transmute them to the courage and empowerment that carries you forward.

Much Love,


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