Eat Slow to Lose Weight?

Yes, just eating slower may increase fullness and help you lose weight.

People like Mariel Hemingway have advocated eating slower and more consciously for spiritual and wellness benefits -- but now researchers have found evidence that it can help lose weight. The New York Times reports:

Researchers have found evidence over the years that when people wolf their food, they end up consuming more calories than they would at a slower pace. One reason is the effect of quicker ingestion on hormones. Scientists found that when a group of subjects were given an identical serving of ice cream on different occasions, they released more hormones that made them feel full when they ate it in 30 minutes instead of 5 . The scientists took blood samples and measured insulin and gut hormones before, during and after eating. They found that two hormones that signal feelings of satiety, or fullness....Ultimately, that leads to eating less.

You can read the full article at The New York Times

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