Let Go, Forgive, and Be Grateful Right Now

We spend too much time in the past and the future, regretting what we did or didn't do, analyzing situations that already past or making plans for the time that hasn`t yet come. Let me tell you something: The future will come! The past has already passed! You can`t change it! Leave it and let it be in the past. It is not still happening, so why waste your energy on something you can`t change no matter how hard you try?

John Lennon said something so important and so true; “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” We all know that plans always change, so why don`t we just chill out for a bit, and trust that it`ll all be okay? Let`s spend some more time enjoying every moment, being present in what we are doing right now instead of dwelling in the past or the future.

The one thing we can change that can make the present better is to let go of things that happened in the past. People that hurt us. Situations that changed us. Learn to accept what happened and forgive the people who hurt you, the situations that changed you or what you did to yourself and others. Forgiving doesn't mean that its okay, it just means that you are setting yourself free from it. You can`t change what happened, but you can change the way you let it affect you in this very moment. Forgiving is a really powerful tool. Energetically it will set you free. It will set the other person free. And it will lead to personal growth and strength for the both of you.

I remember having a “forgiveness exercise” in school. We were going to forgive people that had hurt us in the past, which meant forgiving someone from my childhood that really hurt me. I thought I had let go of this person but when I was working on it all the feelings came back. I energetically listened to what they had to say, and told them what I wanted to say during the time when it was all happening. It was such a big relief. Like I said earlier; forgiving doesn’t mean that what they did or said was okay because it wasn’t. Rather, it means that I set myself free from it. In return, the other person will also be set free as well. It led to personal growth and one thing less to keep me in the past.

Forgiving and letting go of old situations will make it easier for you to stay present. The less we bring from the past the better. Just let the past be in the past and be thankful that it made you the way you are today! Forgive yourself for what you did that still bothers you. You can do it different next time! Don’t let the past or the future hold you back from being the complete you. Use the present for what it`s worth, and know that you can create anything right here, right now.

Start to appreciate the present – the big and the small things. Be aware. Look around you, and see what is happening right now. Appreciate everything – the big and the small things that are there all the time. Appreciate yourself as you are – right now.

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