Suffering: Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Life continues to shock and amaze me, as I am experiencing ever more profound and deep lessons in letting go, impermanence and the relationship between suffering and spiritual growth. When we have consciously surrendered to a spiritual path, it’s as if we are constantly crossing bridges and being tested. This is not a good or a bad thing. Simply put, as soon as we start to think we know something or start to think that something in our lives is stable and secure, the Universe will remind us that nothing is forever and the test is to remain quiet, surrender to what is and trust that the path will reveal itself.

What I am learning:

  1. I know nothing.
  2. Keep practicing yoga and mental equanimity (going into silence or meditation is the key in remaining calm in the midst of a storm.)
  3. The more I let go, the more free I feel.
  4. When I trust, solutions arise effortlessly.
  5. Centered in love and compassion, support is always provided.
  6. Your inner wisdom and intuition is uniquely special, to be cherished and will always guide you if you listen.

Now, this last point, with regards to wisdom and intuition is a biggie. I recently lost my hearing…and I am still a bit deaf. And it just so happens, that it has coincided with a decision that seriously affects me and the work I do. Of course, I take full responsibility of the position I am in, as it is clearly an opportunity for growth and expansion. However, if I’d truly been listening I would not be in this situation.

No matter where we are and who we are with, our intuition is always right. When I speak of intuition, I speak of the deep ‘gut’ feelings or repeated nagging we get, which we then mentally override with thoughts like ‘No, no. So and so would never hurt me,’ or ‘that person is just not like that.’ I’ll tell you right here and now, your body is always right…your mind is always wrong. Or rather than making it about right or wrong; your body is trying to guide you toward your highest potential, whilst your mind is trying to keep you trapped and enslaved by the ego.

You may read this and agree, but ultimately, we all have to experience it to truly understand it.

So, don’t be afraid of suffering; embrace it! And know that something great is waiting in silence. You just need to knock.

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