3 Ways to Relieve Stress

In today's world, stress is the modern 'catch-all' name for many of our ills. Researcher and pioneer in the new biology, Dr Bruce Lipton, suggests that approximately 90% of all chronic disease is created by stress.

Yet, what exactly is stress?

Wikipedia defines stress as “a wide range of physical responses that occur as a direct effect of a stressor causing an upset in the homeostasis of the body. Upon immediate disruption of either psychological or physical equilibrium the body responds by stimulating the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. The reaction of these systems causes a number of physical changes that have both short and long term effects on the body.”

Stress can certainly have a negative impact on your health and life, especially if not dealt with in the beginning stages. Stress has the ability to induce symptoms such as panic attacks, migraines, head-aches, chronic disease, shallow breathing, fearful thoughts, overwhelm, phobias and other challenging health issues.

Realize that your stress may not be intended to make you sick but instead may be calling you into a different way of being in the world. Instead of suffering from stress-related symptoms, listen to your stress and use it as a gentle reminder to review and change how you are currently living your life.

Here are 3 ways that you can use to get the lessons and awareness that your stress has to offer….

1. Bring awareness to your breath: One of the first effects of stress is that your breathing will change. Stress frequently triggers shallow breathing. The next time you find yourself feeling stressed, stop what you are doing and bring your attention back to your breath. Take long, deep belly breaths, breathing in through your nasal passage, all the way down to your naval, taking care to consciously expand your diaphragm. There are many different types of relaxation, meditation or yogic breathing techniques that will certainly help you to deal with stress. Two of my favorites are Kalabhati breathing or Alternative nostril breathing.

2. Start moving your body: Even though you will feel as if you don’t have time to exercise, beginning to move your body will help you to deal with stress in a much more proactive way.

There are many different types of exercise you could do. I recommend trying gentle movement such as walking, swimming, doing some yoga or stretching. If you prefer a more dynamic form of movement, consider running or skipping. If you feel that you need inspiration in this area, yoga retreats or detox breaks are great ways to kick start new healthy patterns.

3. Start clearing out clutter: Clearing clutter is a powerful way to lighten your burden in life. It can help you to change how you feel and create a new perspective in your life.

Clearing clutter has the ability to energetically “open space” in your life. Think of your physical clutter as stuck energy. As you clear the clutter, you move and release this energy.

As you release clutter from your life, you move the physical things in your life and this results in “energetically” moving your life. Typically, as you begin to clear clutter, you begin to shift your perspective on life.

Today, ask yourself what are ready to let go of? Then, enjoy the process of releasing your stress by clearing out your old clutter!

You Can Release Stress Naturally

Stress can have many harmful effects in your life, but realize that it also has the power to call you into a new way of being. Let your “stress” show you what is and what is not working in your life.

So remember, the next time that you feel stressed know that you can release it naturally. Bring your attention to your breath. Start breathing deeply. Move your body and begin to clear out your clutter to release old, stuck energy.

Use these three ideas to help you release stress naturally and in the process open yourself up to all sorts of new and exciting possibilities for yourself and your life.

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