Awakening Yourself Through Surfing and Yoga

There is a place of peace, tranquility, healing and oneness. There is a place where you will go on a journey, a journey of self discovery. And finally there is a place where you will surrender, and be in the present moment. This place that I am going to take you to, is the awakening of ones mind, body and soul through surfing and yoga.

Surfing and yoga work in harmony together, they both require strength, flexibility, balance and focus. They both require you to be in the present moment.

When I am out on the ocean, nothing else exists, its just me and the energy of nature. I seem to just surrender to the the ocean and just let myself be, as I dance with the rhythm of the waves. The same feeling of surrender applies at a spiritual level through yoga, as I focus on calming my breath in preparation for my next yoga move.

There is a synergy between the two. Surfing will make you glow as you connect with mother nature, whether you have just rode the glassy face of a wave or stood up for the first time. Yoga will circulate your blood, eliminating many toxins which will have you radiating with health. The feeling of both is pure bliss and they will both leave you smiling from the inside out.

Surfing brings you at one with nature, its just a conversation between the ocean and you - nature talks to you through the wind blowing in your hair, the water splashing gently on your skin and the sun radiating its warmth on your body. Yoga is a conversation between your physical body and your soul, its about quietening your mind enough to execute the next yoga pose. Both surfing and yoga are very grounding experiences and are a great chance to meditate and get clarity in life.

Surfing and yoga are both pure indulgent and yet so simple. Its a great way to get fit and tone and sculpt your body, and it only takes a yoga mat, a surfboard and some waves.

Just like a challenging yoga pose, where you need to surrender to your breath and gently fall into the pose when your body and mind are ready, surfing teaches us about "Patience". In a world that is built on control its nice to surrender to mother nature and just go with the flow and wait for the wave to roll in on its own time, or for the pose to come when we are truly ready.

Whether you manage to quiet your busy monkey mind through yoga or find a quiet beach where you are out on the water alone. Both will soothe your soul. It will give you space to quietly reflect on life, and allow the answers to everyday questions come into your head. It will put your everyday life into perfect perspective.

Like yoga, surfing is humbling, you may get a perfect effortless ride or you may get the whipping of your life. You soon realise that there is a power higher than you, and its mother nature. You will gain an appreciation for the oceans power as she lets you see her in all her moods. You can never control the ocean, the best you can hope for is to be able to play in it.

The beauty of both is that if you don't succeed, you stop, learn, re-focus and feel better prepared for the next time. Its an endless discovery of both physical and mental strength.

Discover the connection between surfing and yoga yourself. Either go out on your own, or escape to a retreat. Push yourself, feel the energy, and ride the rhythm as you discover yourself through surfing and yoga.

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