5 Tips For Shopping Organic On A Budget

Are you looking to buy organic foods and be mindful of your spending at the same time? Here are a five tips to get started via SmartMoney Magazine:

1. Prioritize... Some produce has fewer pesticides than others, so check out the Environmental Working Group's list of '12 Foods You Should Probably Buy Organic' and those '15 Foods You Can Save Money On and Not Necessarily Buy Organic'.

2. Consider Joining a Co-op... Though it requires more of a commitment to buying organic because of initiation fees, there are savings to be had (typically 10% or more). Some even say that co-ops are "like the farmer’s market seven days a week."

3. Check for Coupons... Yes, even organic companies offer coupons. A good place to look is manufacturers' websites. For example, Stonyfield currently offers 17 different 50-cents-off coupons for its organic milk, yogurt and ice creams.

4. Buy In-Season... In-season produce is typically cheaper and more likely to be fresher, tastier, and better for the environment. Here's a guide to finding local fruit in season.

5. Consider Buying Store's Private Label... Private label brands are typically less expensive and most stores have them, e.g., 365 at Whole Foods Market, GreenWise at Publix, O Organics at Safeway, among others.

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