Just Do It...Already!

You want things to be different. You so badly want things to be different. You talk about how you want things to be different. You tell everyone how you want things to be different. You do nothing differently.

There is a multi-million dollar industry growing at the speed of a freight train marketing self-help books, healthy diets, cookbooks, self-improvement ‘strategies’, self-improvement ‘classes, etc. It all amounts to a heap of financial debt if you do nothing differently.

Nike had it right all along and the simplicity of their slogan remains the catalyst to change. Just Do It. I added in ‘Already’ because we all have circled the mountain long enough and it’s time to go north. It is time to redirect yourself today.

Yoga? Go to class tonight. If you are trying to get healthy, just do it already. Drink the green juice and put down the sweets. Today…not tomorrow after you have your cake and eat it too. Today.

If you have the people pleasing mentality -- like I always have -- just lose it already. Yes, you can. I thought it was so hard to do but is it really? Is it really so hard to 'Just Do It"? It might seem too hard in theory or on paper but not once you take the first actual step forward. It's always easier once you take the first step. I promise.

You know what you have always wanted to do. You know what I am going to say next (psst….just do it). You will love yourself for it and the change that was going to take months of reading to do, will have taken place overnight!

Life is short -- jump in.

"A Year from Now....You will Wish You Would Have Started Today." - Karen Lamb.

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