How to Make Big Decisions

Written by Katrina Love Senn
How to Make Big Decisions

Would you like to discover the secret to creating and living an amazing life that you absolutely love? The key to living a life that you love lies in becoming conscious of how you make your big decisions.

The kinds of decision I refer to are the perceived, life-changing decisions such as…

“Should I leave my secure job?”

“Should I end my long-term relationship?”

“Should I quit smoking/drinking /over-eating?”

“Should I do my Yoga Teacher Training?”

“Should I go travelling?”

Here are four ideas that you can use to make your big decisions and begin right now to live a life that deeply nourishes and serves you.

1. Is now the right time?

Typically these types of bigger decisions can (seemingly) feel as if they could be put off indefinitely. Many people procrastinate on making these decisions. Inevitably if they don’t do anything, time goes by and then it becomes too late.

Simply put, with every big decision you make, timing is everything.

When you are faced with the prospect of making a big decision, ask yourself, “Is now the right time for me to do this?”

Typical, tell tale signs of “the right time” is when you check inside and your heart whispers yes. Maybe it’s as subtle as a feeling or a sense that, yes now is the right time. Other signs could be a feeling of boredom, self-sabotage, emotional eating, or an internal drive for growth, change and new adventures…

If you honestly have no idea if the time is right, then just take a small, baby step forward and see how it feels. For example, if you dream of being an Artist, consider signing up for an evening or weekend art class.

2. Are my feelings fearful or trusting?

Look within and connect with your heart. Working with your emotions to expand your emotional landscape is one of the most important things that you can ever do.

Start to notice, “What feelings dominate your inner world?” Ask yourself are they fear-based or love-based?

If fear is present, that is okay. Simply acknowledge it. Take care not to let fear, doubt or worry run your life. Remember that if you act from a place of fear you will always feel contracted. Fear limits your choices. Let any moments of uncertainty be what enables you to step up and become the person who you are truly here to be.

Consciously choose to open yourself up to more expansive feelings and emotions such as trust, courage and love. Breathe into these feelings and let them expand you and your experience of life. Instead of shrinking back, lift your head up, square your shoulders and open your heart in trust and joy. Shout out, “Yes!”

Infuse positive emotions and qualities such as optimism, hope, love and magic in your life. Let the essence of these emotions put you squarely on your path and in the direction of your dreams.

3. Is my thinking contractive or expansive?

The more conscious you can become of your inner world, the easier it will be for you to live a life of great joy and happiness.

When faced with making a big decision, observe your thoughts. Does your thinking serve or hinder you? Do you rationalize or over-ride your heart with logic? Do you start to list all the things that could go wrong? Do you consult other people and let them talk you out of what you want to do? Do you worry about upsetting other people or making the wrong choice?

Begin to trust yourself and tune into your inner world of thought and feelings. This will allow you to make the best choices for yourself.

4. Realize that there is no “right decision”

Know that every road and every decision takes you somewhere. Even if things do not work out as you expect, this does not mean that you have made the wrong decision. When you make a decision that is true for you, that is the best choice.

Do not be tempted to judge the outcome of your decisions. Things only make sense with the benefit of hindsight. As Steve Jobs famously said, “You can only connect the dots looking backwards, never forwards.”

Consciously choose to let go of any feelings of disappointment or regret. This is a complete waste of your energy and is totally futile. Negativity collapses your energy system, also closing you to available opportunities. Instead make your decisions from a place of power and consciously choose to live your life looking forward.

Everything happens for a reason.

Trust that everything is happening for you, not to you.

With each decision you make, open yourself to the lessons on offer. Realize, that these are your treasures and are worth their weight in gold.

As you make your big decisions, look within and breathe deeply into the expansive thoughts and feelings of trust, intuition, courage and Love. Listen to your inner guidance and let this wisdom lead you to living a life that is deeply rewarding for you.

This is the path to living an amazing life you love; one that is rich, colorful and interesting, full of passion, purpose and meaning.

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