Center Your Energy Through a Mind-Body Connection

Some call it recharging your batteries. Some may call it finding new inspiration. Others may call it relaxation or respite. There are many ways to energize yourself – to find your center and settle into that sweet spot in daily life where space exists, clarity is acute and our energy is responsive and compassionate. We all know how it feels to be centered and we also know how it feels to be off – not connected and maybe a little down in the dumps.

Emotions and feelings are transitionary – much like clouds that float by obscuring the bright blue skies above; some days are better than others and depending on the challenges life throws our way, we react and create actions based on our disposition at that time. Those that are mindful of control patterns and ego tend to react better than those who just react blindly.

Experience has shown that there are two basic ways to draw energy inward. There are those that look outward and draw energy to their center through yoga, meditation and exercise. Living with love and compassion creates energy as does focusing on nature; breathing in the all that is pure and unfettered and exhaling all that is stressful and negative. Then there are those that draw their energy from others. Through ego, conflict and domination; there are those that do not look to exercise or meditation but to the energy others possess – many times unknowingly stealing it for themselves. James Redfield talks about this extensively in his Celestine Prophecy series. Typically in relationships there is a dominant energy center and then a passive or recessive energy center. The dominant person will draw, take or steal energy from their counterpart as a way to gain power, self-esteem or control. This is unhealthy. We see this on a global level with big money corporations controlling our resources and political and dogmatic leaders pushing their propaganda for the benefit of few in an effort to control the many.

It is easier to steal energy from others but at what cost? It is also easy to be slothful, over weight and depressed but is that contributing to your social evolution as a human? We all have choices to make even on the smallest, seemingly inconsequential levels. Still, being aware of your center and constantly mindful of your energy is crucial for spiritual and social evolution. Further, it is imperative that we look for exterior sources of energy through facilities that solicit a positive mind–body connection. Be mindful and draw your energy not from others but the bountiful gifts that surround us and inspire us.

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