10 Reasons Why You Should Make Everyday Your Birthday

"At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?" 

~ Jack Kornfield

I think March is the best month of the year. It's filled with fresh beginnings as springtime approaches, flowers start to bloom, the sun shines more often and I grow wiser as I celebrate another birthday. Growing up with my mom, I was raised to believe that birthdays are special because we get to celebrate life.

It's no secret that birthday celebrations leave a fantastic feeling flooding through our bones and for most of us it becomes the most memorable day of each year. But what about the rest of the lonely, bored 364 days of the years? Excluding holidays, most other days we go about life just making it through. There is a solution to this pouting problem: Make every day your birthday because:

1. It’s a celebration of life.

2. We make wishes and dream big.

3. Anything is possible.

4. We take time to play.

5. Family and friends go out of their way to make us feel loved.

6. Food is consumed guilt free.

7. We are more generous with others and ourselves.

8. We spend quality time with loved ones.

9. We sport perma-grins the entire day.

10. We appreciate every moment.

After reading through this list, who wouldn’t want every day to be their birthday? Whether it’s your own or the birthday of someone you care about, the party doesn’t need to stop on the actual day of birth. We can take the same secret sauce of birthdays and apply it to every day of the year. Imagine if you gave a gift to a best friend for no reason, how they would respond? What if you ate chocolate cake for breakfast and left the guilt back in time? It sounds pretty fantastic doesn’t it? Join me for the month of March as we make every day our birthday.