The Right Way to Eat Raw Food

Raw food is nutritious, rich in enzymes, energy-enhancing, keeps you looking and feeling young and allows deep cleansing which is the key for preventing health and body degeneration.

The popularity of raw foods is growing: it has become increasingly trendy to “go raw,” and raw foods are gaining respect and acceptance in the mainstream medical community.

However not all raw food diets are healthy. Eating raw cheesecake, dehydrated nut burgers and high fruit and fat smoothies every day will not make you feel light, clean and energetic. While this is certainly a step up from fast food, it will not bring you the results I have guided thousands of clients to achieve.

To really benefit from a raw food diet, the key is to focus on clean raw recipes, meaning they are well combined to allow for efficient, easy nutrient assimilation and digestion, as quickly as possible, and allow for deep cellular cleansing. It also means implementing lifestyle practices such as colon cleansing and movement to support your body to eliminate old acidic waste matter that is causing dis-ease and ageing.

The core of your raw food diet should be fresh vegetables peppered with some other foods and drinks for variety, fun and emotional comfort. Instead of focusing on dense, hard to digest nut this and dried fruit that, learn how to master the art of making vegetables mouth watering!

How to Transition to a High Raw Diet

If you are coming from a diet of highly processed food, red meats, pasteurised cow’s dairy, refined sugars and salts, jumping into an all or high raw diet will be very challenging for your body to deal with.

Instead of going from junk food diet to raw diet, aim to make 50% of your diet fresh vegetables in the form of hydrating, alkaline juices, smoothies, soups and salads and eat high quality whole foods to accompany your vegetables.

Your body will be much more able to deal with the transition to a clean diet if you move slowly and steadily towards a higher raw diet than if you go from zero to a hundred overnight.

Pick one or two changes you can make immediately and commit to these. Once you have created a habit with these changes, you can add in more.

Get into colon cleansing via enemas and professional colonics to support your body as it shifts and rejuvenates from the cells out with your cleaner diet of hydrating, living foods.

Here are the first steps:

  1. Include 1L of freshly pressed green vegetable daily before your breakfast meal each day on an empty stomach.
  2. Add a large salad or raw soup to every meal. Never eat a dense or processed food without a heaping pile of beautiful, colorful vegetables with a delicious healthy dressing (see recipes).
  3. Slowly add more fresh food and decrease the processed and dense foods you eat. Always eat your fresh juices, salad, soups and smoothies before any other foods, even cooked whole foods. This will facilitate better digestion and fill you up on the foods which will transform your body and health. Over time your desire for the other foods will decrease and eating a high or all raw diet will become easy, habitual and pleasurable!

Most of all, embrace a high raw diet with purpose but keep pleasure as your main goal. What raw vegetables bring you pleasure and you can create into amazing recipes that have you excited for your meals? What experience do you want for your life and your body and how does eating a high raw, clean diet support that?

Commit to what serves your highest good and then enjoy the freedom and energy a healthy raw lifestyle provides.

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