4 Tips to Help You Feel More Abundant

For the longest time I believed the money I made was only connected to the job I performed. In the physical, technical sense, yes of course it was. But in the energetic sense it was not.

I spent many years suffering in a job I couldn’t find joy in but the money was so fantastic. I convinced myself that this is what everyone needs to do. Pretend to be happy so we can get the paycheck, pay our bills and feel guilty for requesting vacation time off. We tie money to jobs we take. A common thought is that the only way to achieve financial security is through corporate America or a steady paycheck. It took me many years of pushing and pulling with my internal self to realize the job I take does not have to be my career. Just like mini chapters of a book, jobs are chapters in our career life. The real career is life. And as soon as I let go of the expectation of taking a job because of a steady paycheck I felt more secure than ever before. I recognized that money will always come and go and that our career does not define us. The notion of making our life our career is far more interesting to me.

A career is designed to provide a platform for professional growth. It is a place to feel a sense of worth and contribution. Careers are set to help people define what they want. But staying in one career for an entire lifetime is no longer the norm. With so many fantastic opportunities and so many people wanting to reach their full potential it’s almost mandatory for us to explore. Humans by nature are curious creatures and we want to see what is available to us. Finding a perfect career takes time. Whether you are looking for a career shift or wanting to feel more freedom in your everyday life, here are tips to help you look at money and your career differently so you can feel abundant now.

1. Choose to accept your life in the present moment. It is the key to abundance.

2. Recognize that nothing is forever.  The job you are in, the boss you have, the amount of money you make is all temporary - a moment in time in your present story.

3. Let your Story unfold with grace and ease. As your story unfolds you grow, change, need more, want less. Allow yourself to turn the pages of your life and embrace the change with grace and ease.

4. Appreciate the journey, there is no destination. The problem with trying to be somewhere you are not is you are not accepting or appreciating where you are. By simply shifting our perception to appreciate the moment we can loosen our tension with money and our job.

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