5 Reasons You Should Join a CSA Today

Written by Abby Phon

On Facebook recently, someone commented on a friend's status post and asked what a CSA was. Although this was the first year I actually took part in one, I’ve been hearing about them for years. A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. As a city gal, by purchasing a ‘share’ in a local farm, I get the benefit of fresh organic produce at my door weekly (or monthly, depending on your membership) all season long and the local farmer gets the benefit of my monetary contribution (up front, and they don’t have to take out a loan from a corporation that will leave him/her indebted all season). It’s a win win!

I also went to my first CSA farm last year. It’s become one of my favorite spots in NY. Blooming Hill Farm  (just 60 miles north of NYC), is family owned and operated for 27 years and provides over 200 varieties of incredible organic produce. It's a great way to spend an afternoon or just pick up a few things for dinner.

Top 5 Reason to Join a CSA today!

1. Support your Community - Your support helps small local farms stay in business. Put your money back into your local community.

2. Buy Local - You'll also benefit by connecting with the food you eat and eating food that's in season – the healthiest choice!

3. Eat Well - You'll be buying the freshest food possible. You'll also be able to explore new foods and how to prepare them. It will add some color to your life (literally and figuratively!).

4. Be Healthy - You'll be eating more FRESH vegetables and fruit, which in turn will make you healthier, happier and full of energy.

5. Protect the Environment - CSA farms are often organic, and because they grow many types of fruits and vegetables (not just a single crop like large industrial farms) they promote a more balanced ecosystem. Your food will take fewer miles to get from the farm to your plate – better for the environment, better tasting and better for your body.

Sound good? To find a CSA in your area check out Local Harvest.

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