7 Food Tips for More Energy

If you feel tired, take the first step and assess whether you’re getting enough sleep and the right nutrition. Your mind and body operate on carbohydrates, preferably the complex variety with a little protein and fat added into the balance.

Mind your body with enough of the right nutrition before self-dosing yourself with iron.

1. Begin with Breakfast. You’ve been asleep for hopefully 7 hours or so while your body repaired itself from yesterday’s abuse (mind, energy, and body balance). Skipping breakfast undermines your brain and nervous system. Need mental focus and performance? Then eat your breakfast. This holds true for all your kids regardless of their ages.

2. Pass the Carbs. The complexity of your carbohydrate intake will make the difference. Foods like beans, whole grains, and vegetables again taken in with an ounce or two of protein will keep your blood sugar pretty spike free with a steady stream of energy.

3. Limit your Intake of Caffeine. Is a great energy booster or ergogenic aid for sports minded individuals. Yet, if consumed in mega does, it can rob your body critical vitamins and minerals i.e. iron and calcium just to mention two.

4. Maintain Mental Stamina and Focus. Mental performance is jeopardized by heavy meals during your day. Let’s put it this way, you can eat or you can think, then again you could eat or you could exercise, but your body prefers to eat and digest its meal prior to thinking or exercising.  So pick a light meal when eating during the day something around 350-500 calories.

5. Hungry all the Time. Plan your snacks (100 – 200 calories per snack). You may wish to have that snack 3 to 4 hours after your meal. This strategy will give you the fuel you need to keep going, if you’ve made healthy choices.

6. Limit Refined Sugary Foods. If you consume highly refined, sugary carbohydrates expect to be let down mentally and physically. If you must do refined sugary foods, to prevent the big “adios”, mix your carbs with protein or a little fat.

7. Don’t Skip Meals. Unless you over ate at the previous setting, make sure you come armed with healthy snacks. Preferably of the high carb variety containing anywhere from 100 to 300 calories will do the trick.

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