Q & A with Yehuda Berg: Spirituality, Soulmates & Relationships

Searching for your soulmate? Best-selling author of The Spiritual Rules of Engagement, Yehuda Berg, is here to help. Ashton Kutcher says he "credits the success of my marriage to the teachings of Yehuda Berg....The wisdom shared in this book has led to a greater happiness than I ever thought possible. I hope you can find the same happiness with this beautiful soulution!"

Yehuda is the authority on Kabbalah (he is the co-director of Kabbalah Centre International) and his books and teachings have helped deliver the deep and complex concepts of Kabbalah and of the power of human consciousness to people in a way that is easy to understand.  In his new book, The Power to Change Everything, Yehuda urges readers to access the power within each of us to create the consciousness shift required for lasting positive change.

MindBodyGreen: In The Spiritual Rules of Engagement, you talk about being "connected" – and when everything goes right in your life you’re "connected" – why is this so important in attracting the right relationship?

Yehuda Berg: When a person's consciousness is connected to the bigger picture, they make decisions, that lead them to make the turn down the street, and into lobby where the right person for them at that moment will be standing.

MBG: Like attracts like – why is this so important and why do so many single men and women out there somehow miss this?

YB: Many times we don’t have an awareness of what we project. So we are surprised when we attract certain kinds of people, and we don’t realize that in many ways they are just like us. If you want to change the kind of people you are attracting, it is important to have an awareness of what unconscious message you send out and change it.

MBG: Soulmates. You’ve talked about how siblings can be our soul mates – how in a relationship can we find out if our partner is our soul mate?

YB: Soulmates are those souls with whom we have come into this world, that together we have a job to do. A person can have a business soulmate also. The idea is to consider that life is not random.

MBG: For someone who’s single out there and reading this interview – what's the first few tips of advice you’d offer to meeting someone?

YB: First of all you must be truly open to a relationship. Many times we say we are open, but the unconscious programming is I don’t want to get hurt, so in truth we are shut down. To be truly open to a relationship is to understand that you will get hurt. That life is not perfect and that relationships take work. The reason single people are single is because they are comfortable being single. In order to no longer attract those who want to stay single, you have to be a person who no longer wants to stay single.

MBG: What’s the biggest misconception out there about spirituality and the role it plays in relationships?

YB: Many people consider "getting" the relationship, or the marriage, as the end point. It is really the starting point. A relationship should not be viewed as the goal, it is the means to achieve the goal of becoming a more spiritual being.  When we are in a relationship with others, we will get uncomfortable, we will be challenged and we will be forced to grow. That is spirituality. Today we look at relationships like a Hollywood movie, the wedding day is the last scene. They should make movies where it is the first scene.

MBG: In your latest book, The Power to Change Everything, personal responsibility plays a large role – what’s something we can all do to get started in creating a consciousness shift?

YB: Become extremely aware. There were billions of micro decisions that lead us to the state of the world we live in today. We need to know that every single action matters and we need to make it count. Today we have such an amazing opportunity with technology. With the push of a button we can save a person’s life.  One twitter message and someone in Haiti can be rescued, when the phone lines are down. The universe is showing us, that it is only up to us. We must all take care of each other. This is not a political statement, it is a human requirement.

MBG: What does mind/body/green wellness mean to you?

YB: In my book, The Power to Change Everything I discuss the idea that before the green movement took ownership of the term environment, the word simply referred to our surroundings. Kabbalists were environmentalists in the true sense of the world for centuries. As human beings we are the custodians of this planet and it is our job to take care of our surroundings. When each one of us is aware of all that surrounds us and take care of it as if it were our own, then the world will be healed. It manifests physically but the awareness and care is a matter of consciousness. Once we decide to take care things will change rapidly. We will suddenly find the technology that will clean our oceans.

MBG: Favorite quote?

YB: I am not a quote kind of person. I like music. My favorite song is 'One' by U2.

MBG: Why should we run out right now and buy The Power to Change Everything?

YB: Because it is the first step in a bigger movement to change the world.

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