7 Steps to De-stress After a Tough Day

Decompressing and releasing tension after a difficult day is essential for your overall health. You can easily create a soothing ritual that will help you to unwind. Carrying stress and anxiety in your body will deplete your energy and could turn into a more serious health issue. It’s important to disconnect from the stressful situation so you can bring positive energy into the rest of your day and night.

Immersing your senses in multiple relaxation techniques will help you recover more quickly and get on with enjoying your life. Below are seven steps to a new, energized you!

1. Express your stress but don’t repeat it over and over – It’s healthy to talk about a stressful day to a friend or significant other but don’t repeat it again and again to multiple people. Every time you share your upset, you bring it back into your energy field and get upset all over again. Your friends begin associating you with your problems and that’s not helpful. You want them to send you positive energy. After you share, ask your friend or companion to help you by envisioning you free from this stress and feeling happy.

2. Cut the cord – After you leave the demanding situation, it’s important to “cut the cord” from the person or event that stressed you out. Your solar plexus (soft area between your ribs) is a place that gets zapped with negative energy. Simply put, you are connected to people through invisible energy cords that gather in that area. To disconnect, swing your hand in front of your solar plexus with your palm facing your body like you are cutting the cord to that person. Visualize your hand as a sword and say “I’m cutting the cord from this person or this situation.” Making the hand gesture and stating your intention helps to disconnect you from the negative energy.

3. Take off your shoes before entering your home – Leave your stress outside of your home. Once you step inside, you will be entering a sanctuary. Your home is your temple. Don’t bring the dirt (negative energy and stress) with you. Click here for a video on De-Stressing in the Home.

4. Drink a cup of herbal tea - Calming herbs and relaxing teas can take the edge off stress and offer you a bit of herbal anxiety relief. There are many tea companies offering relaxing blends of herbal tea that are caffeine free. Some relaxing herbs include Chamomile, Verbena and Valerian.

5. Light an aromatherapy candle – There are a variety of aromatherapy scents that can be useful for calming and relieving stress. Try Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla or a combination. Bring the candle into your bathroom or bedroom and gently focus on the flame to quiet your mind.

6. Take a salt bath with lavender essential oil - Sea salt (not Epsom Salt) is an effective way to clean your body and energy from a stressful day. Pour two cups of sea salt into a bath and add eight drops of Lavender essential oil. Relax your body in the warm bath for at least 20 minutes. Make sure the water covers your solar plexus. You’ll be amazed at the lightness you feel when you emerge.

7. Do a visualization in the bathtub – As you are soaking in your salt bath, visualize the water as a warm violet lake. Violet is the color for clearing emotions. Close your eyes and envision the stress leaving your body, mind and spirit and immediately dissolving into this violet lake. You can also play a guided visualization on a CD that will leave you relaxed. After your bath, watch a funny movie, play relaxing music and eat healthy food. Be purposeful in bringing positive energy back into your body!

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