Are You Driven by Willpower or Inspiration?

Written by Marissa Håkansson

What lies at the source of your day to day actions? Is it willpower or inspiration that moves you forward?

I've felt that the most flow and momentum is cultivated when we tap into the deep desire that resides at the core of who we are. When we connect to what we truly feel called to do or be.

For many years in my career and life I ignored that desire at the expense of my wellbeing. It was arduous to continue living in a way that didn't inspire me, however, I wasn't sure of an alternative at the time.

Then I started listening more closely to glimpses of inspiration from within me, which propelled me forward….(somewhere deep down, I've always had the desire to live passionately and fully, even though I wasn't clear how to bring it to fruition).

And eventually, I willingly and courageously opened myself to the possibility of what I could create in my life. I discovered the distinctions between living my life based on willpower, and living from a place of inspiration.

From I've learned, when we act based on willpower we get the sense of 'pushing on', it's difficult to progress without constant stopping and starting, and our actions often feel out of alignment with what we truly want for ourselves.

On the other hand, here's what I've found about living from a place from inspiration. It is:

1. Sourced deeper than our intellect. It's an energy that stems from the very essence of who we are.

2. Effortless to carry out. We feel compelled to act or be this way, because we feel pulled by a greater vision.

3. Feels intrinsically good. It stirs up a deep-felt joy and excitement at the possibility of creation.

4. Creates natural momentum. One action flows to another, making it easy to identify the next step and move forward with ease.

Have you found this to be true for you also? Do you feel you are living from a place of inspiration (or willpower), and how can you cultivate more inspired moments in your life?

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