5 Components of My Personal Happiness Toolbox

Written by Marlena Torres

If we are not happy, we will not be able to experience great health. Happiness, love, laughter, and joyful experiences are just as crucial for a healthy body as green juice, veggies, vitamins, and minerals.

First, I’d like to talk a bit about the opposite of happiness: depression.

A definition of depressed is: Lowered in force, amount 

Depression is literally an experience of lowered life force. A depressed individual is often carrying a lot of toxicity in their cells and tissues from poor diet, and heavy emotions that they cannot make sense of, or assimilate properly.

Happiness is synonymous with abundant life force, and lots of energy. Below I have listed ways to increase your life force and banish your depression.

The Five Components of My Happiness Toolbox

1. Alkalize your body with green juice and salads. Raw foods and fresh juices have a high vibration. This means that they literally lift you up, while processed foods have a very low vibration and bring us down. It makes perfect intuitive sense that eating lighter foods will leave us feeling lighter, and more energized. Sometimes, depression can be remedied by upping your raw food intake. Try a green juice before your breakfast, and raw vegetable salads before your lunch and dinner, and see how it affects your mood and energy levels (the higher your energy, the happier you will feel).

2. Rebounding - otherwise known as a mini-trampoline, a rebounder is the most effective life force circulator on the planet. Rebounding will provide you with an effortless workout, with no strain on the joints. It is unbelievably energizing! If you turn on your favorite play list on shuffle, this form of exercise is an INSTANT mood booster - I promise.

3. Mind what you watch - Television programs are called programs for a reason: they program us to think a certain way, and the commercials are programmed to tell us what we “need” to be happy! I’m not saying that you need to throw away your television, but if you have some limiting beliefs, or feel uncertain about what you personally value, take some time to examine what you take in day to day through television, magazines, and other forms of media. Are you letting mainstream media tell you what to value? Is watching television and flipping through magazines enriching your life, or does it just make you feel sad? Is it just a form of stimulation? Why expose yourself to something if it’s not making your life better?

While I do have my favorite television shows, I watch them on demand (I don’t watch the commercials) or rent the dvd’s. I also do not watch the news. My husband, however, likes to watch the news in the morning while he gets ready for work. Seeing that he is an adult, I respect his choices, but I also respect my personal needs. While he gets ready for work and has the news on, I stay in bed and read.

4. Take time away from stimulation each day - Caroline Myss says in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit” that what a depressed person does with their energy is the same as walking around with your wallet open, full of bills, ready for anyone to take their money.

If we don’t have proper boundaries, we can easily get sucked dry of our energy. Being constantly plugged into phone calls, texting, and emails leaves no personal space for yourself. You may be scattering too much of your energy into devices and other people, and not keeping any for yourself. If you wouldn’t give away your money to just anyone, why would you do the same thing with your energy?

With the speed of technology, we often feel like we can never keep up with all that is going on - but that is ok! Take some time to nurture yourself. Unplug. Unwind. Take a day away from your phone and computer and do something completely indulgent and self-satisfying. Do something that feeds your soul.

5. Colon hydrotherapy - Toxic diets and emotions will lead to a heavy, toxic colon, which leads to a overburdened body. The colon is our most important elimination organ, so if it is burdened with toxicity, it is very common for more symptoms to follow. The colon is also associated with the second chakra, which rules feelings of power. Depression, in many ways is an overall feeling of disempowerment, and an acceptance that you have little power to change your situation.

It is important to have a clean, healthy colon. This means gravity colonics, and old fashioned at home enemas for you to keep your intestine and second chakra free of accumulated toxicity.

Anyone who gets regular colonics can tell you what a huge difference it makes in how light, alive, and energized you feel.

Happiness is about gaining life force, and depression is much more common when we do not keep our life force flowing.

Using even just a couple of these five tools will give you a huge surge of life force!

Experiencing happiness is something I have struggled with my whole life. Even as a very young girl I can remember having feelings of hopelessness, and was often told by my friends that I had a “mad at the world” attitude, or that I was too negative. These five keys have helped me tremendously, and this is why I consider them my tool belt against toxic living and thinking. I’m not sure where I’d be with them!

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