Why Embracing Your Flaws Can Be a Great Thing

It takes a remarkable mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity to own up to your own faults, a maturity than cannot be bought or sold and does not come with age but rather circumstance. Faults -- we all have them, and I have plenty, including the fact that I have zero patience when it comes to me, I tend to be anxious, and I like to be in control. I have to be particularly mindful of my faults, which are really bad habits that once served a very tangible purpose (no matter how maladaptive), because they tend to exact a great toll on my health and well-being. Every flaw has a purpose. In fact, flaws are the psychic responses to life challenges or traumas. Think about it, one will learn how and aim to control his/her environment when he/she feels, at some point in time, out of control. Unfortunately, we become stuck in maladaptive patterns that have worn out their welcomes and negatively affect our lives.

The ego invests a great deal of energy in inhibiting you from recognizing and correcting your faults, because every time you correct a nasty habit and move closer to enlightenment, a piece of the ego dies. It’s only means for survival are keeping you judging yourself and others, grasping for control, and mulling over the past and/or living in the future. Fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger, judgment, and control are the air the ego breathes, and without them, it is starved of the oxygen that is its life force. It has to be right, and if you admit you need to change some aspect of yourself, you are humbled, and the ego is brought to its knees before your divinity.

There is no shame in admitting you have flaws or that you were wrong in a particular situation. The act actually suggests openness and a healthy self-esteem. In fact, it takes such great courage and strength of character and spirit that any shame or doubt should be replaced with a humbling sense of pride that propels you into the next step of self-correction, change. It used to be very difficult for me to admit when I wrong, as if that admittance somehow made me less than. Now, I cherish those AH-HA! moments because they are the fuel to my self-development fire. They create opportunities for personal growth and development that otherwise would not exist.

Change can be scary, but a little bit of willingness goes a long way. Most people would much rather live in misery making the same mistakes over and over again because it less scary than the unknown that often comes with change. Think of that blank space between the old you and the new you, the before and after, as a quiet space to become more in touch with your authentic self. It is the cocoon that coddles the changing caterpillar as it transforms into all that God intended it to be. View it as warm and inviting instead of frightening because it is the stop between the comforts of home and your final destination. If you are like most humans, you will be visiting that place often because there is no end to personal development. Be a frequent flyer of Air Enlightenment because there is a whole new you waiting at the next destination.

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