Are You Waiting for Someone Else to Develop Your Gifts?

Written by Sarah Byrne

Perhaps you're on the journey of self-rediscovery right now -- seeking clarity, trying things out, stripping away some of the layers that you’ve accumulated that blocked your authentic self.

Are you seeing glimmers of who you truly are, those moments when you are free from time and beyond the rabble of thoughts in your mind? Are your gifts starting to come through?

Who is responsible for the development of your gifts?

No one else is responsible for your talent but you.

While there are teachers and others who can help you nurture it, ultimately you are the only one who can take a stand for it, who can choose to put time, attention and effort into it.

If you were raised in a family that tried to mould you in ways that took you away from your natural talents, don’t get bitter. It’s a learning experience for you - YOU have to be the one that decides what’s important, what your talent is, what you’re going to do with it. Maybe if your parents had spotted your gifts at a young age and run with them, you wouldn’t have the privilege and opportunity to truly course-correct and take charge of your life now as an adult.

If you grew up influenced by your peers and strayed from your passions, it’s okay - don’t blame them - YOU are the one that ultimately gets to choose to invest in your talents despite what ANYONE else might say, do, attempt. Once you realize and embrace that, you could move forward in an empowered centred place knowing that you will stray from your gifts only if you allow yourself to - or if you allow others to lead you astray.

It can be so easy to look outside yourself, to align your being with what you think may give you ‘the break’, or approval, or support even, because you wanna find a place in the world.

The good news is that when you’re committed and hooked up to your natural strengths, that will be your home. Using your strengths, nurturing your strengths, feeding your strengths and giving your strengths will all anchor you to a place that you can call your own.

Once you shine your light unflinchingly on your gifts you will also start to direct others’ attention towards the gifts too, then you will get the support. It is always up to you to shine that light on your gifts - not the responsibility of your parents, teachers, friends, clients...

Do not wait for someone else to notice your gifts, strengths, talents, innate abilities. Do not wait for someone else to approve, or validate, or verify, or acknowledge. Waiting for someone else to ‘agree’ that you have certain talents before you can love and accept your talents will keep you stuck. I know I have been tentative to fully commit to some of my talents because they have not been ‘validated’ by others. You must own your gifts for yourself, and love them unconditionally.

Place your own focus squarely on them. Get clear. Champion your gifts. Wear them like badges of honor.

Nurture & reveal, excavate and push, decide that the gifts are worth the attention. Because your gifts are you, and you are worth the attention - you are worth your own attention. No-one else on the planet can love your gifts the way you can, once you decide they are worth loving.

Wherever you are at on your life path, I encourage you to take some time to really celebrate and sit in your innate natural talents. The things that truly make you YOU. Put them front and center. If your life does not include or reflect them in a meaningful way, create a vision to realign with them. Excavate your resume, set aside a ‘talent fund’ so you can afford to take classes or pay to go to showcases. Give yourself permission to be fully you.

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