Chocolate Love, Organic Style

For Valentine's Day, chocolate is a no-brainer. Chocolate is sexy, organic chocolate is sexier.  There's nothing quite like a delicious organic chocolate bar and here are five of my favorites:

1. Dagoba Organic Chocolate's Lavender Blueberry Bar - You don't have to be a fruit fan to love this bar.  The hint of lavender makes this chocolate bar truly delicious.  ($3-$4 / 2oz)

2. Theo's Costa Rica Dark Chocolate - Gluten-and-dairy-free goodness all in one delicious bar.  If you're a dark chocolate lover at 91% cacao this is as dark as it gets. ($5 / 3oz)

3. Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate - For those of you with an organic sweet tooth, who just want a classic, this might be the bar for you.  ($3-$4 / 3.5oz)

4. Gnosis Raw Chocolate Simplicity Bar - Cleanse guru, Dr Junger turned us onto this raw and handmade, vegan chocolate.  Raw chocolate is a bit of an acquired taste but eating chocolate this way never felt so good! ($8.95 / 2oz)

5. Vosges Chocolate Organic Peanut Bonbon Bar - With a name like that I can't help but salivate. ($8.50 / 3oz)

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