Top 4 People on My Dream Yoga Retreat

Do you remember playing the game, "What are the top things you’d bring with you to a deserted island?" The answers among the group were usually similar and focused around music choices, favorite food items and perhaps a genie in a bottle to transport you off of the island when you were tired of the music or the food supply eventually ran out.

I have changed this game and revised it to “My dream list of whom I would bring along on a yoga retreat.”

1. Topping the list is adorable comedian, and everywoman, Tina Fey. I can’t think of another person with the perfect combination of wit, intelligence, and congeniality. During our free time she could entertain the group poolside, or on the beach with uncanny impersonations and humorous tales. I even read that her last birthday was celebrated with friends and yoga. She would fit right in.

2. I know he is this incredible, unsurpassed motivational speaker and life coach. But, really, I simply can’t stop picturing Tony Robbins, smile strewn across his face, balancing in tree pose, vrksasana on an outdoor yoga deck. In fact, he is as strong, tall and graceful as a sequoia tree. Plus, he could help inspire any yogi, at any level, in need of a motivational boost.

3. For the most part, yoga retreats are usually at a villa, lovely hotel or other fully equipped location, to allow for daily, delicious meals. However, in my dream scenario, Giada De Laurentiis would come along with yoga mat and kitchen tools in tow. After twice daily Ashtanga classes, we would all deserve a healthy portion of her homemade baked rigatoni with béchamel sauce.

4. He seems to be one of the most popular guests at black tie affairs, but I think George Clooney would do great on an intimate yoga retreat. I would much rather sit next to him in lotus, than at a formal dinner. And I could offer him a discount if took the group on his boat through Lake Como for our day excursion. I have also read that George can be a bit of a prankster. To me, yoga retreats are full of enjoyment and gaiety. So, what’s a little innocent mischief amongst friends?

In reality, I am thrilled to be on a retreat with such amazing, devoted, beautiful yogis and my wonderful retreat partner, Melissa.

But, I will assuredly make room for Tina, Tony, Giada and George.

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