How to Arm Yourself Against Sickness with Alkaline

Immunity is a hot topic as we move into the colder months. Aside from using things like Vitamin C, I'd like to offer another preventative way to look at immunity and offer some suggestions on how to stay healthy, happy, and totally energized during the time of year when everyone is most fearful of getting sick.

Our immunity is directly related to how much alkalinity (read: plant based food and fresh juice) is in our diet.

A alkaline body is a strong body, and can easily protect itself against germs and infection.

An acidic body is too busy dealing with the toxins consumed by processed foods, stressful lifestyle, and polluted air to be able to fight germs and bacteria. In most cases, colds and flu could easily be prevented with a alkaline diet rich with raw vegetable salads and fresh pressed, raw juices.

Raw juices are so beneficial because you are injecting pure alkalinity into your bloodstream. All you need to start is sixteen ounces a day before a healthy breakfast.

A simple green juice recipe is (approx 16oz):

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 head of romaine
  • half a head of celery
  • some kale
  • a lemon
  • and a small knob of ginger

When a body is toxic, there is a lot of blockage in the cells, tissues, and organs. These blockages keep the system from functioning optimally. The body has to struggle to perform it’s basic day to day functions such as eliminating waste through the colon (important fact: constipation is often the first sign that something is out of balance and should not be brushed aside). A steady intake of raw vegetables and fresh juices will ensure that these toxins that cause blockages are removed, and therefore, the body will not be hospitable to colds and the flu. An alkaline system is no place for a virus to thrive!

Every time you consume fresh vegetables, the alkaline nature of these foods magnetize any acidity that it encounters in your cells and tissues. This occurs because they have opposing ionic charges.

Let me explain:

  • Alkaline foods have a negative ionic charge.
  • Acidic foods have a positive ionic charge.
  • When alkalinity meets acidity, they magnetize, and the body eliminates the magnetized toxicity via the elimination organs.
  • When toxicity is eliminated through alkaline diet and lifestyle, the body is cleaner, clearer, and stronger. It’s closer to functioning optimally, and it is a powerhouse against colds and the flu.

I tell my clients to think of each and every juice and salad they consume as a safety net for when they are overworked, tired, stressed, or exposed to something that would otherwise make them sick.

The basic rule of thumb: the more alkaline your body is, the more immune you will be to colds and the flu.

The best ways to become more alkaline are:

  1. Eat a raw vegetable salad at every meal with plenty of leafy greens
  2. Drink fresh green vegetable juices every day, or as often as you can manage
  3. Practice meditation in a way that works for you to alleviate stress and excessive mental activity
  4. Exercise to avoid stagnation in the body
  5. Dance, write, paint, or engage in some form of expressive art on a regular basis to process emotions

If you want to spend your resources wisely, investing in a juicer and making fresh green vegetable juice along with eating a delicious raw vegetable salad every day is the smartest way to arm yourself for cold and flu season. Taking vitamins and supplements are a waste when compared to the power and benefit of infusing your body with pure alkalinity that only a diet high in produce can offer.

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