Q & A: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is upon us and we're bringing our popular Q & A interviews along for the ride, as we talk to 13 great athletes who embody what MindBodyGreen is all about: better, healthier, and greener living. 

This was an easy task as most of the Olympians are "outdoor athletes", spending countless hours on the slopes, most of them having an appreciation for nature -- not to mention an appreciation for healthy living. They are also constantly striving to improve their performance and push their limits. We have an amazing roster which includes past medalists, a mom, and even a Sports Illustrated cover girl! Check back this Tuesday, February 9th for our first installment.

Let the games begin!

Lindsey Vonn - USA Alpine Skiing
Steven Nyman - USA Alpine Skiing
Hannah Kearney - USA Freestyle Skiing
Kaylin Richardson - USA Alpine Skiing
Erin Hamlin - USA Luge
Lindsey Jacobellis - USA Snowboarding
Kikkan Randall - USA Cross-Country Skiing
Katherine Reutter - USA Speedskating
Gretchen Bleiler - USA Snowboarding
Resi Stiegler - On When Injury Hits
Tim Jitloff - USA Alpine Skiing
Bree Schaaf - USA Bobsled
Sarah Schleper - USA Alpine Skiing

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